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7 Secrets of Top Content Writing Services

And while it’s sometimes difficult to see where you’re going, there are some tools you can use to help get where you’re heading. Great SEO is essential to great content writing services. Here at Express Writers, we understand the value of keeping our fingers on the pulse of the moving target of good SEO: it’s the difference between navigating the river of content writing with a makeshift raft and an oar, and piloting down-river in a steamboat.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process by which web content is carefully crafted to respond positively to specific Google search results. In order to foster great SEO value for your web content, you merely need to predict how someone on the web may find you. For instance, if you’re an auto mechanic who specializes in imports, you could engage a content writing service to produce web content around the keywords “Toyota check engine light,” or “Mitsubishi will not start,” since those are likely very close to what some of your potential customers are searching for. Let’s take a detour for a moment in the jungle of web content to discuss how SEO can make or break good content writing services, and look at 10 tips any content writer can’t do without.

1. Write a Great Headline. We feel like a broken record every time we write this sentence, but the value of a good headline just can’t be overstated. Keep your headlines brief; less than 120 characters makes for a good fit for social media shares. Remember that search engines only index the first 65 characters, so craft your headlines accordingly: important keywords near the beginning. Finally, use some of the proven methods of effective headline writing to ensure some visits:

– Include numerals, such as statistics, or a list post: “7 Hot Hairstyles to Reinvent Your Look” or “The Wealth-Building Secret that 80% of Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know.”

– Include exclusivity words such as “secret.”

– Offer the quick fix: “6 Ways to Banish Age Spots Instantly.”

– Imply an existing consensus: “Who Else Wants to Lose 10 Pounds This Week?”

2. Key phrases, not key words. Writing for keywords is a standard practice of content writing services, but not many people know the secret of writing for keyword density: focus on key phrases rather than just keywords. To use the example of a hair salon, one could produce content simply for keywords like “highlights” and “salon,” but you’ll probably fare better if you write around key phrases like “Which salon does the best hair highlights?” Content writing done this way taps directly into the mind of the consumer doing a web search, and ensures that if someone does want to know which salon does the best highlights, the answer is you.

3. Geo-Target. If most of your business comes from your immediate area, it’s usually a good practice to include geo-targeted keywords in the key phrases you write content around. For example: “podiatrist” may snag some web searches which are irrelevant to your business, but “podiastrist in provo” will naturally attract more local traffic.

4. Content matters! Content writing services aren’t just about filling your blog with words that are going to act like magnets to web traffic. While it would be simple to fill pages with keyword-rich copy, readers who arrive to find a page that isn’t relevant to what they were searching for are not going to stay. When you engage in content writing, make sure that you’re writing content that is relevant to what you do, informative to your readers, and makes them want to stick around to learn more about you and what you do.

5. Ideal post length. There’s no easy answer to the ideal length of a post when you’re doing content writing, but it’s worth noting that most of the results ranking on the first page of Google for any given keyword are around 2,000 words on average. With a section on your website devoted to content writing service such as a blog, this is easy to fill. In general, never write fewer than 400 words for any single blog post, and never more than 1000. These benchmarks make for posts that are long enough to be informative and contain an appropriate keyword density without being overkill.

6. Don’t keyword stack. If you know that you’re writing for a specific list of keywords such as “donuts, bagels, pastries, and pies,” don’t stack those keywords in a list like this every time you use them. They will be more effective spread out naturally among your writing, and less awkward for your readers, too.

7. Use original content! It should go without saying that your content writing should be original and unique to your website. Plagiarism is stealing, and it’s something that we web content writers take very seriously. Moreover, it’s worthwhile that you avoid using duplicate content on your own website. In other words, don’t re-post an article from your blog to another page on your website. Search engines that see duplicate content on two separate pages of a site see that as an attempt at keyword spam, and will bury your pages deep in the search results.

How to Start a Resume Writing Service

To start a resume writing service is a good way to earn some part time income or better yet, to have a full time business. A resume is a type of document that represents the person’s background and skills for employment purposes. It includes job experience and educational background for the employer to scan if the person is eligible for the position applied for. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

By having good writing skills, you can significantly make the client get the desired job. Here are ways to start a resume writing service.

What a Resume Writing Service does

* Clients who are applying for jobs sometimes cannot find the time to create their resumes. This is where the service comes in, to provide the requirements for their employment.

* Also, you can add value by creating cover letters and referral letters as your option when the client needs them.

Before you start a resume, you might want to advertise your services in different mediums like flyers, newspapers or creating your own personal website and sharing to social networking sites like Facebook.

What a Resume Writing Service possesses

* Good writing ability makes the resume, cover letter etc. much more convincing and attractive to the employer.

* A capital which will host your office supplies such as quality paper and a durable printer is a must. A computer with a broadband connection is also needed to stay in touch with clients for additional information.

Some points to consider

* Before you start a resume writing, this business may require some capital for your equipment and advertising. In the end, your investment will pay off because of the medium to high sized market of the resume writing service. Applicants are always looking for a job, so never worry about your business losing potential clients.

* Always be patient and understanding towards your clients. Be mindful of certain clients who always need updates on the progress of the work. This can be annoying yet, it is mandatory to keep clients updated on the project you are currently working on.

* Decide whether to work full time or part time to avoid unsatisfied clients. Failure to deliver the expected output could earn your poor reviews.

* At first, you may find that writing resumes, cover letters, etc. can be time consuming, but as you progress further, work will be much faster.

* Always remember to treat writing as a hobby rather than work to reduce stress.

What Makes a Good Article Writing Service

Search engine optimization, referred to as SEO, is the field involving different methods that work in making a website have a higher ranking in search engines than their competition. The major ingredient for successful SEO is the use of good content. SEO is based on websites that have high quality and unique content. This is where a professional writer is very often needed as they are proficient in SEO writings that can help make website rankings that excel.

But with so many services being advertised on the internet what makes one stand out from all the others? Or are they all very much the same?

Isn’t Every Writing Service the Same?

Basically, most article writing services are in many ways all the same but in other ways the good ones are vastly different. A person who is just good at writing often is not the best person to be working for these services because it takes more than that. A good SEO based writer has to not only have the ability to write the same sentence or thought in hundreds of different ways but they also need to be able to structure sentences to use keywords and still make sense. Most individuals who are native English speakers have problems in this area so for writers who have English as a second language it is almost impossible.

What Makes a Good Internet Writer?

Writers with an article writing service also need to know the rules that are different for all types of internet content – and often the difference is very little but extremely important. It can consist of merely using the wrong keyword or putting that keyword in the wrong paragraph. So a good article writing service is going to have writers who are knowledgeable in the techniques of writing articles for blog postings, postings on social media sites, content for new websites, press releases, as well as many often different types of writing. To add to this, the writer needs to be able to write on every different subject in the world. One day they may have to write about women’s clothing, watches that are for sale in an online shopping mall, opinion pieces on current affairs, and an article for the 10 best computer deals that are currently being offered – all on the same day.

A good SEO based writer needs to be an expert in writing about different niches which is exactly what was explained in another way above. Niches and subjects are basically the same thing so a writer should be a great niche writer.

Most Important

The most important position in any article writing service is what is called the managing editor or the person who is responsible for article assignments and distribution of the work. It is this person who is vital to an article writing service and the next position that is important is the editor who must approve every article before it is sent to the client.

Tips For Choosing A Freelance Content Writing Service

content-writing-servicesThe Internet is a wonderful invention and it is being used to the fullest by Internet Marketers the world over. What started as a research project for the US military has taken the works of information technology by storm, and all in a matter of a decade, if not less.

Internet marketers are flooding the Net with new improved user-friendly content on their blogs, websites and marketing articles and mailers in a bid to stay ahead of the competition, which is where hiring professional help for quality writing comes in! They are selling everything, from physical products, services to mere concepts – and making money too! Not just making a few bucks, but raking it in by the millions, which is why article writing and marketing is big business too!

Most online success is achieved by writing and posting a large volume of high quality articles on popular online directories that are designed for just that – article publishing! Most of these articles, not surprisingly, are written by people who are paid to write. They are primarily freelance writers and are signed up as professional writers associated with registered writing services. Some writing services have full time writers but most hire the freelance writing services of people who wish to work part-time from the comforts of their home over the internet.

Millions of content writing services have sprouted like mushrooms all over cyber-space. However, no one can really sort out the wheat from the chaff unless they have quality parameters in place to check for the best service for their marketing dollar. Thus, It is important to choose one’s content writing services with a great deal of care. For, while getting 400 or 500 word articles to promote an online business is not so difficult, getting a timely, affordable and original volume order on quality articles really is.

By quality articles, I refer to articles that are free of any kind of plagiarism, that are Search Engine Optimized (SEO), and written specifically around the heading (also called Keyword), which, should also be catchy and relevant to the topic it is portraying.

Many writing services have jumped onto the band wagon and are selling anything, but SEO articles. The placement of keywords or key phrases is not given much attention, nor the density either. What to say of the more unscrupulous writing services that are a dime-a-dozen these days too? They just blatantly Google the topic and copy and paste entire blocks of content, sewing them together to resemble an article and replace words here and there with synonyms, a tool very popular with most unregistered freelance writing services.

So, before selecting any of the writing services for promoting a site, prudence calls for an interview with the writer or writers to establish contact and get to know the quality of service one may expect. Though this is not a guarantee that the interviewee will be the one doing the writing, it is important to have some quality parameters in place for judging the kind of content you are likely to get by discussing the writer’s approach to research, structure and knowledge of the core subject. It will all come down to a writing contract stating clearly the terms and conditions governing the quality of the service to be delivered. In the absence of such a contract, or in spite of it, some amount of the payment should be withheld until the content is used satisfactorily without any plagiarism issues. This is the practice many content writing services that are confident of their quality will offer.