Creative Writing Ideas

Brainstorming creative writing ideas is the first step in the creative writing process. Most writers find it very difficult to come up with original and creative writing ideas. This is partly due to the fact that man discovered the art of writing eons ago and writers have written about almost every topic under the sun since then. Though the list of subjects to write about is non-exhaustive and humans themselves have a lot in their inner world to write about, it is slightly difficult to come up with something original.

Nevertheless, creative writers still have much hope. A slightly different perspective can show the world in a different light altogether and help you write a totally different story. At a time when writers used a straight, plain narrative or a surreal narrative to convey their stories, Ambrose Bierce came up with “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.” Although it has a very simple plot about a man about to be hanged, the innovative and unique way of narrating the story manages to hold the readers’ attention till the very end. This proves that creative writing ideas need not be extraordinary but can be about the simplest of things happening around us, provided that the presentation is different and catchy.

Likewise, the concept of Anterograde Amnesia has been used so often in movies and literature that all of us thought that nothing was left untold. However, Jonathan Nolan had a lot of creative writing ideas and wrote the short story “Memento Mori.” Perhaps only then did people realize that for the first time, the helplessness and suffering of the condition had been portrayed effectively. With his unique way of narration, he ensures that the reader himself experiences the condition along with the protagonist. Such was the beauty of this concept that Christopher Nolan adapted it into a screenplay and made the movie ‘Memento’ using a non-linear narrative technique. This movie won several accolades and continues to be a cult favorite. It is important to observe your surroundings and use your imagination to develop characters and plots.

Newspapers are often the best place to find interesting plots and characters. Among all those events happening around the world, you may find one which may interest you and inspire new ideas.

There are also numerous websites that offer creative writing ideas and prompts to budding writers. You may begin by exercising your imagination and writing skills on one of these ideas. Once you have learned to view and analyze things in a different perspective, you may start writing about things which come to your mind more naturally.

And for those of us who find it extremely difficult to come up with creative writing ideas, there are also websites which offer writing tips and techniques. For instance, we know that every work of art is based on the human emotions which are very few in number. And most of the stories and movies are mainly about a conflict. Although the nature of the conflict can be different (a war, conflict in a relationship or a conflict between nature and the machines etc), the basics remain constant. All you need is two characters (or two families or gangs or communities) and a conflict, which takes place between them. You may then develop the characters and subplots to strengthen the story.

The advantage of developing creative writing ideas this way is that there are infinite permutations and combinations and you may selectively use the basic concepts in a systematic way to come up with a slightly different way of telling the story. It is also a good idea to seek help from professionals for creative writing ideas. Creative writing services offer to help with ideas, write or add to a work, and edit into a final draft.