Exploring The Diversity Of Indonesia

There are many things to see and to experience in Indonesia. Exploring Indonesia, it takes more than a year to feel the kaleidoscopic cultures, languages, natural beauty and more. Which part of Indonesia you want to visit? Map of Indonesia exposes you options for travel destinations that fit to your preference. Big island like Sumatra and Borneo are best destination for the off-beaten path fanatics. Many things you can explore trough the rain forest and huge rivers. The smaller islands also have its charms like Bali and Lombok. The capital Jakarta will energize travelers who appreciate the noises of a city which never sleep.

Although it is impossible to explore the country thoroughly, from its west to its east, you can pick small island or famous Indonesia tourist attraction as your starter. Lombok is worth mentioning for its picturesque villages, waterfalls, and beaches. The said island presents Gili Islands which beauty of its pristine ocean water, swaying palm trees, waves, underwater are worth mentioning. Furthermore, if you look for laid-back atmosphere. Bali, this island is always busy with different travelers from around the world. Still, you will admit that this place offers all for any kind of traveler from museum, cooking class, beaches, and scenic highlands to impressive temples.

If you are nature enthusiast, ensure that you consider Komodo Island. Let it alone, this island is  very unique by nature. Aside from Komodo dragon that is only found in there, the vegetation becomes another attraction of the island, also the beaches. Though you may curious about the lizard dragon, don’t you dare to see the the giant lizard by your own. Culture buff, they can engulf themselves into old custom that stays side by side with modern values when visiting Yogyakarta.

Near Yogyakarta, Borobudur is another destination that is worth visiting. Recognized as UNESCO world heritage, you can admire the relief engraved on the wall of the temple. If you go there with a tour guide, they usually tell you unique story about the sculpted temple wall. Don’t skip Bunaken on your list if you love snorkeling and diving, say that you want alternatives other than Gili Islands in Lombok. Mount Bromo alongside its national park will cater you top notch traveling experience through its scenic sun rise and other things that environ both Mount Bromo and its national park. If you are lucky you can witness upacara Kesodo.