A monk chooses religious energy over temptation


For 13 years, a fantastic monk prayed, meditated and fasted within the mountains as a way to see extra clearly into the character of issues. One morning, this smart man determined to climb a excessive peak, the place it was believed that nice religious energy dwelled. The monk stuffed his canteen stuffed with water and ascended the 5 labourious miles (about eight kilometres), barefoot, to the mountaintop’s 13,000-foot (or roughly 3962-metre) summit.

Upon arrival, he soaked within the transcendent great thing about the streams and valleys under. Tears rolled down his face as he felt the spirit of the mountain rush via him. Overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude, the monk dropped to his knees in exaltation and paid reverence to the Earth.

After a couple of moments of deep contemplation upon the marvel of all of it, the monk jumped to his toes and was instantly struck by what he noticed. Standing there earlier than him was essentially the most lovely, radiant girl he’d ever seen. She was tall and slender, with pores and skin that appeared to glow within the afternoon’s high-altitude solar.

The girl smiled warmly, after which seductively motioned for the monk to stroll the 10 paces to the place she stood, working her fingers via her lengthy, flowing darkish hair. The entranced monk stared on the girl for a protracted second, and felt the needs of years previous pulsate via his being with the depth of deep ocean currents.

To nonetheless his thoughts, the monk started reciting the vows that he’d made when he joined the monastic order. Of course, celibacy was a type of vows. He then started repeating the next mantra in his head:

“Desire breeds attachment
Attachment breeds struggling
Suffering breeds delusion
of who we really are.”

As the monk continued to repeat his mantra, he felt the torrent of need step by step fall away. The deluge of deep ocean currents was being remodeled into nothing greater than passing waves on a sea of tranquillity.

With an much more inviting smile, the mysterious girl motioned as soon as extra for the monk to strategy her. The holy sage took two steps ahead in her path, after which bowed and stated:

“My fellow soul traveller, it’s a fantastic honour to be in your presence upon this mountaintop of bliss and marvel. It’s twice the honour that you just’ve welcomed me with such a heat smile and type spirit. But it’s religious wealth, nothing of the bodily, that I search upon this rarefied peak of reality.

“The Indwelling One instructions that my thoughts give up to IT’s pursuit of the very best sort of information. Now, I need to want you farewell and far fortune in your journey.”

The monk then bowed to the lady one final time, and turned to stroll again down the mountain. However, simply earlier than he took his first descending steps, the mysterious girl remodeled into the good colors of a rainbow after which vanished into the heavens.

In awe, the monk regarded up on the sky, and noticed a wonderful double rainbow type out of the mist above the dazzling blue mountains.

The noble monk attained his religious energy and went on to encourage and educate many disciples for 50 years, till he dropped his physique to finish his cycle of delivery and loss of life.

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