A Simple Summer Solstice Ritual with Crystals



Summer solstice marks the official first day of summer time. The solstice is the longest day of the 12 months, the place the solar will seem to face nonetheless within the sky because it reaches its highest level. The phrase solstice is derived from the Latin phrase solstitium, containing sol that means “the sun” and sistere that means “to come to a stop and make stand still.”

The summer time solstice is a time to have fun the sunshine inside ourselves in addition to every particular person on this Earth. It’s a really religious time once we have fun the sunshine of consciousness inside and attune ourselves to the cycles of nature.

The summer time solar brings inside energy and abundance, brightening our lives with its daylight. The vitality of the solar conjures up motion. It’s a strong time to stroll in alignment and concord along with your private reality and beliefs. This is the time to boost your vibration and switch in your inside mild. Honor the vitality of this particular prevalence with a easy summer time solstice ritual with crystals!

Summer Solstice Ritual with Crystals

What You’ll Need:


Ritual Steps:

Hold your crystals—Clear Quartz and Citrine—in your arms. Say aloud or in your head, “I program these stones to hold the highest vibrational light. I program these stones to raise my own vibration so I can shine like the sun.”
Create a circle along with your stones that’s massive sufficient to take a seat inside it. Alternate between Citrine and Clear Quartz as you lay your stones in a round form (ex: Citrine, Clear Quartz, Citrine, ClearQuartz) till you may have used your whole stones.
Sit down throughout the circle and make a want or set an intention. Embrace and have fun the facility and vitality of the solar which is a by no means ending circle of sunshine. Feel the sunshine getting brighter and brighter throughout the circle.
When you’re completed, place your stones in a pouch or bag, and even your pocket. Carry them with you all through the day to mild up your spirit and your life.

Although the Summer Solstice solely occurs annually, you may repeat this observe everytime you need to activate and strengthen your inside mild and lift your vibration.



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