An encounter with the spirit of dying


Two seekers of knowledge spent all day climbing a formidable mountain. After many hours of strolling, the duo lastly arrived on the summit, the place they had been greeted by an outdated mountain goat.

The two startled people stared uneasily on the mighty being earlier than them, and nervously shuffled backward. In flip, the mountain goat stared again on the pair with a glance of amused bewilderment. The seekers grew exceedingly frightened and turned to run away. But earlier than they might transfer, the mountain goat gently spoke to them by means of telepathy:

“Why do you have fear?”

The mountain goat conveyed emotions of nice compassion by means of its interior voice, because it awaited a response from the still-terrified people. After a couple of moments of shocked silence, the primary seeker gathered up the braveness to talk:

“Illustrious master, we feared for our lives. Your form is both wild and intimidating.”

The mountain goat warmly replied:

“But why did you fear for your lives at this very moment? Did you not just encounter the spirit of death all along your pilgrimage up to this hallowed peak? And did you not unknowingly stroll past a den of hungry bears and circumvent perilous cliffs on your way to this summit? Why did you not cower in fear then? One step closer to the den and you would’ve met the wrath of an imposing mama bear. One misstep along the rugged trail to the pinnacle and you would’ve plummeted to your death!”

The first seeker thought for a prolonged second after which responded:

“I suppose we didn’t have fear in either case, because death didn’t seem imminent. We didn’t come face to face with a bear as we did with you. Nor did we fear the treacherous road up to this point because we’re seasoned climbers.”

The mountain goat contemplated the primary seeker’s phrases, and once more replied:

“I see. But you still haven’t answered my initial question. Why do you have fear?”

A glance of gentle exasperation swept throughout the face of the primary seeker, as they retorted:

“I think I answered that question already. We felt fear because we believed our lives were in immediate danger.”

The sensible mountain goat seemed firmly on the first seeker and stated:

“You should study to not concern dying—imminent or not. No matter how exhausting you attempt to push your concern of it away, you’ll encounter it. “

The mountain goat paused for dramatic impact after which continued:

“I name your consideration to a well-known inscription on an outdated tombstone that reads: ‘Dear buddy, please know as you cross by, as you are actually, so as soon as was I. As I’m now so you may be. Prepare your self to observe me. ‘

What this inscription teaches is that fairly than stay in concern, it’s infinitely wiser to embrace dying as a part of the pure cycle—or means—of being. The diploma to which you’ll consciously come to phrases with this existential inevitability additionally determines the depth to which you reside this life. “

The second seeker, who’d been silent, lastly chimed in:

“Oh, venerable seer, my soul is aware of the reality in your sensible phrases. But my thoughts is frightened at what lies past the top of the physique. Please inform me, what’s dying and what’s in retailer for us past it?”

The mountain goat rigorously gathered its ideas earlier than explaining:

“Death is, and dying isn’t. Death is taking off the tight shoe. Death is the doorway right into a world with out starting or finish. Death is the continuance of a sacred cycle through which the soul drops the physique and continues its quest to enlightenment. Death is the survival of pure consciousness past the contours of the flesh. And dying is the interior realm by which the soul displays the sunshine of its personal luminous essence.

“Death is to reunite with the everlasting Brahman and the one inside all. Death is the doorway into the deepest realms of consciousness and the place one goes interminably in preparation for rebirth in a brand new physique. Death is a karmic bridge between the recollections of yesterday and the guarantees of tomorrow. Death is to be absolutely current and away from phantasm. Death is to merge in full union with the Eternal One—who alone is true.”

Monk and layman walking across bridge

The second seeker seemed in awe on the mighty being earlier than them, and requested:

“If death is all this, wise master, and elemental to the way of being, why are people in my own culture taught to fear it?”

The mountain goat mounted an emphatic gaze on each seekers and stated:

“Delusion! People in your tradition stay in Delusion! Well possibly not all of the individuals of … however absolutely these with any measure of affect and energy. Your lecturers and celebrities contribute to the cloud of delusion surrounding dying. Your media spokesmen and politicians, too. And even your very dad and mom … these inspiring souls who raised you with tender love by means of your harmless youth.

“However, none preserve you extra blind to dying’s true nature than your excessive clergymen, rabbis and preachers. You see, right here within the West, there’s a peculiar and conceited tendency amongst your non secular figures to connect their very own fears and insecurities about dying to their sermons and interpretations of scripture.”

The second seeker grew silent as they digested the sheer honesty of the mountain goat’s phrases. Finally, after a couple of moments of reflection, the primary seeker spoke as soon as once more:

“Oh Noble One, how may we learn not to fear death?”

Before the mountain goat might reply, the second seeker shortly added:

“And how we could, oh Illumined Being, come to just accept dying as a part of the way in which?

The mountain goat stared lovingly at each seekers of knowledge and replied:

“What’s required now could be for each of you to search out the braveness to organize for the inevitability of your individual deaths. Only by means of such preparation will you uncover the reality of the best way to stay proper now. Be courageous, learn to sit nonetheless and meditate upon dying. Make meditation a each day follow and are available to review the sacred cycles of life and dying in nature.

“Stroll by means of the woods in all 4 seasons and observe the distinctive qualities of every. Note the innocence of spring, the vitality of summer time, the crispness of autumn and the stillness of winter. You’ll come to really feel that every are stunning, every are transcendent and every are interrelated. Finally, come to expertise dying not as an finish however as a return to your purest essence.”

The sensible seekers raised their heads up and seemed reverently at their nice trainer. The mountain goat bowed its head to each its disciples and all of a sudden reworked right into a hovering eagle.

Both humbled aspirants burst into tears as they watched God’s first messenger fly above the enchanted blue mountain vary and into the heavens. As the eagle flew out of sight, the final phrases that this soulful duo heard had been:

“Look within. Be free. Fear not the inevitable approach of death.”

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