Animals and people pay homage to the Great Spirit


An eagle, a lion, a wolf, a deer and a bear sat
across the campfire for his or her weekly respite from work. This week, their
dialog centered on the foils of humanity.

As the embodiment of freedom and the primary
messenger of the Creator, the Eagle was the primary to talk:

“My brothers and sisters, the humans, seem to be deluded into thinking they’re free. They seem to think that one can achieve freedom through the mind’s subjugation of nature. Why, that’s preposterous! Is it not, dear friends?”

All nodded in emphatic settlement, because the Eagle continued to talk:

“Through severing itself from the sacredness of the wild, humanity has only enslaved itself. For all beings draw their physical and spiritual sustenance from the Earth. She is our direct access point to the Creator. No being can fully connect with the Supreme Consciousness without communing with the Earth.”

The Eagle paused for a second and continued:

“So, people can go on exploiting and desecrating the land with their towers of hubris, speaking wires and poisonous chemical compounds, however none of it can fulfill their determined thirst for freedom.

“Man speaks a lot about God, however uncommon is the human who is aware of that the Great Spirit dwells inside the forests, mountains, oceans, rivers and deserts. Sadly, aside from their smart native brethren, it appears that evidently people are destined to observe down their very own self-inflicted paths of struggling.”

For a number of moments, the group grew silent as
they nodded their heads in settlement with the smart and venerable Eagle.
Finally, the brave Lion rose to talk:

African lion's face

“It seems to me that freedom isn’t the one factor that people are misled about. Humankind is beneath the mistaken assumption that true braveness is to beat by means of would possibly, which by the use of the Universal regulation, isn’t morally proper.

“True braveness isn’t sending younger individuals to battle for the cash and energy of tyrants. Nor is it braveness, to fee expeditions to far-flung corners of the world in pursuit of valuable sources and minerals that ought to by no means have been dug up from the bottom.

“True braveness is to look inside to the hallowed guides of our being for divine instruction and inspiration: The solar and the moon, the cycle of the seasons, the whispering refrain of the wind, and the ebb and circulation of water’s epic journey to the ONE.”

The Lion paused briefly to clear its throat, earlier than continuing:

“True courage is to stand behind the divine principles of creation and to be shining examples of IT’s perfect heart in form and in spirit—even in cases in which our own moral uncertainty is present.”

Once once more, all within the circle grew silent, till it was the loyal Wolf’s flip to talk:

“My brothers and sisters, it’s not just freedom and courage that humans lack. They seem not to comprehend the meaning of loyalty. Loyalty has little to do with one’s peaceful assimilation to conformist rules and structures. Nor does it have anything to do with the jealous guardianship of one’s dogmatic beliefs and lifestyle choices. True loyalty has everything to do with one’s dedication to spirited self-reflection and genuine service to others.”

The Wolf paused for dramatic impact, earlier than finishing its thought:

“In our wolf packs, we’re loyal to one another through thick and thin. We’re loyal to one another for precisely this purpose: we’re all on this same journey through the wisdom of form. As far as I can see, humans have yet to learn the depths of this kind of loyalty.”

Wolf pack in the snow

All stared adoringly on the Wolf for a couple of moments, till the compassionate Deer assumed the mantle of inspiration:

“Friends, it’s fairly obvious to me that the two-leggeds don’t seem to have an enough understanding of compassion, both. One can’t stay freely, be brave or prolong loyalty to others in the event that they’re unable to open their hearts.

“Why, each time we deer are compelled to bury our kin within the floor, owing to a different murderous sport hunter, I cry out in useless to the Creator and ask if man has a soul. For how can one kill their earthly brethren for leisure? “

The Deer wiped a tear from its eye and continued:

“And it’s not simply the homicide of its personal type! Humans plunder each other of their petty contests for energy and domination. How unhappy and mindless, certainly! The people fail to know that compassion extends each inwards and outwards in all instructions from the guts, and washes over all beings with out exception. True compassion, then, is to see the peace inside oneself mirrored in all creatures.”

To a jubilant refrain of “Amen,” the majestic Deer bowed to its beloved pals within the circle earlier than sitting again down. At final, it was the trustworthy Bear’s flip to talk:

“My youngsters and fellow lecturers, I’ve sat right here in a most grateful silence and listened to all of your lamentations about fashionable man. I need to say that I feel your feedback are smart and correct.

“However, I want to add that our misplaced human pals are missing a fifth high quality that absolutely explains why their conceptions of freedom, braveness, loyalty and compassion are so sorely missing. That lacking high quality is religion, and with out it, they’ll’t perceive what it means to be free, brave, loyal or compassionate. “

The Bear paused for a second to take a puff of sacred herb from his pipe. He then handed the instrument counter-clockwise and continued:

“Faith is on the root of our being. Think of the religion that bears should have every winter! For months at a time, we go into hibernation. We have super religion that the knowledge of the universe will allow us to drag by means of the winter and expertise the bounty of one other springtime in bloom.

“Though mankind might lack an analogous religion in themselves, it doesn’t suggest that they received’t sooner or later discover it. We should not lose religion in people and switch a blind eye to their struggling. For, as we all know all too nicely, the ill-fated actions of man have an effect on our personal high quality of life.  It’s as much as us, the animals, to point out them how you can stay. We should encourage all of them to look inside themselves.”

At the precise second that the Bear completed talking, the group heard a rustling within the forest. All turned in amazement as two human youngsters walked by means of the woods, with massive smiles on their faces.

Two teenagers smiling in woods

To the enjoyment of all these gathered, the boy and woman proceeded to take a seat down within the Lotus place, subsequent to a big stone. Hidden from plain view, the animals watched in delighted silence because the people recited a shifting prayer to the Earth:

“Great Spirit. Mover of the Cosmos. Lover of Morning and Night. We give you, Mother Earth, our blessings and pray that you just enlighten our souls along with your compassion, peace and knowledge.

“You’re the essence of magnificence and the supply of all readability.  Your life-sustaining rain washes over us with all its soulful purity. Your mountain peaks make us humble and mirror the vastness of your interior presence. And in your sacred forests, we really feel the reality close to and don’t have anything to worry.

“Earth Goddess: We pray in your safety and for the illumination of our human household. Peace. Peace. Peace.”

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