Ascension & Deep Divine Connection


Ascension, Deeper Connection With The Divine

Written By Liz Oakes

Stellar Beam Calcite is a excessive vibration crystal that has a fairly lovely power.

This crystal could also be categorised as an ascension stone, as its vibration has a powerful religious nature that lets you make a deeper reference to the Divine.

Stellar Beam CalciteGolden Stellar Beam Calcite

It power is calming and whenever you use it in meditation it’s possible you’ll discover that you simply slip right into a state of immense peace and concord.

This generally creates a state of affairs the place you get pleasure from a very helpful session.

result’s that when your meditation is completed it’s possible you’ll really feel a lot much less
confused, and extra ready to deal with your day after day actions.

personally like to make use of it at night time, when I haven’t got anyplace to go,
because it takes you so excessive that it may well make you ungrounded. An added bonus
is peaceable relaxed sleep afterwards.

Where Is It From? Stellar Beam Calcite Meaning

This crystal can be known as Dogtooth Calcite, as a consequence of its form.

These stones are generally double terminated, many with lengthy sharp factors on them, and so they can happen in measurement from tiny crystals throughout different varieties of crystals or as bigger items.

The that means of the title Stellar Beam Calcite pertains to the way in which it’s mentioned to have the ability to be utilized to make a reference to extra-terrestrial beings, as a result of highly effective beam of power it places out.

Most of the items of this stone originate from Tennessee within the USA.

Although I’ve not heard of some other locations the place it may be discovered, new sources of many stones are being found regularly, and never all locations of origin are famous on stones.

Although many items of this crystal are a beautiful golden yellow shade, its shade can range. The shade vary of those crystals consists of deep amber yellow, brilliant clear yellow, pale yellow and really gentle yellow nearly white stones.

Like different varieties of Calcite it has a clean nearly soapy really feel to it. They typically have inclusions of pyrite in them too, which you will glimpse on the underside of the image under.

Stellar Beam CalciteStellar Beam Calcite

They are categorised as being scalenohedral crystals, which signifies that they’ve quite a few faces.

Each of those are scalene triangles, that means they’re triangles which have all sides unequal.

It can be frequent for them to be Elestial Calcite crystals as properly, and
this provides one other dimension to the power in case your specimen has this

Why Would You Use It?

These crystals are extraordinarily excessive vibration, but they do not affect the nervous system like some excessive vibration crystals.

While their power could be very excessive, as it’s so lovely and stress-free and calming it’s possible you’ll not acknowledge that your power has modified so please be aware of this earlier than you employ them.

This is a rare crystal, that has a powerful motion in all chakras within the physique, in addition to inside the soul star chakra and the upper transpersonal chakras within the etheric physique.

Stellar Beam CalcitePale Gold Stellar Beam Calcite

One of the perfect methods to make use of excessive crystal power stones like these, is in meditation.

When you employ this crystal in meditation it creates a state of deep serenity, because it brings the golden gentle down from the upper realms.

This power will transfer down by way of your whole chakra system to infuse you with this sturdy religious vibration.

Its motion feels much like excessive crystal power stones like Tremolite, Herderite
or Phenacite, and you may really feel it transferring inside numerous areas of the

Although it might be new to you it’s fairly agreeable. This crystal makes a robust connection to spirit, and you may really feel the power fairly clearly in your head, and it’s possible you’ll pay attention to its motion in your mind.

Pale Gold Stellar Beam CalcitePale Gold Dog Tooth Calcite

They are highly effective to create connections with the upper realms, and are
highly effective to make use of in meditation.

More than probably utilizing one in every of these
crystals will make you ungrounded. So whenever you end utilizing your Stellar
Beam Calcite, just be sure you floor your self.

How Will It Help You?

If you employ it in a crystal meditation, it might profit you in quite a few methods.

This is a crystal that can elevate your religious progress, and due to its acknowledged motion spiritually, it is called one of many premier ascension stones.

Stellar Beam Calcite

This relates principally to its motion to take you very excessive into the
religious realms, and to the way in which it enhances your contact with the
Divine thoughts and with beings within the larger realms. 

It can be
recognized to assist you to make contact with beings from different dimensions or
star techniques, what we name extra-terrestrials or ET’s.

It has been reported that in case you have previous lives in Lemuria, Egypt and
Atlantis, and most of us do, it’s possible you’ll uncover info which will assist
them to launch karma associated to these lives.

Stellar Beam Calcite will help you to stroll the corridors of sunshine, and whereas there it’s possible you’ll discover which you could entry details about previous lives, inside the Akashic information.

Stellar Beam CalciteClose Up Dog Tooth Calcite on Sphalerite

It could be useful for mediums to make use of to contact spirits with larger
ease.  It has a excessive candy vibration that generally facilitates a simple reference to angelic beings.

There are particular guides which may be positioned in these realms that aren’t usually accessed by the typical particular person. 

These guides might be able to allow you to to perform progress not obtainable simply to the typical particular person, until they significantly hunt down methods to fulfill these particular beings.

If you haven’t made contact together with your spirit guides earlier than utilizing this stone, it’s extremely attainable that its vibration could allow you to with making a connection to your spirit information. 

If you already know your guides, it might allow you to to search out new guides that can transfer your religious progress to the following stage.

How To Use It

This stone’s vibration takes you simply up although the upper chakras. You will transfer upwards by way of the third eye chakra and thru the crown chakra to the transpersonal chakras above the pinnacle.

Its vibration resembles the power when utilizing a few of the different excessive
vibration crystals which might be recognized to have sturdy motion inside the

If you place your Stellar Beam Calcite crystal on the photo voltaic plexus chakra, you’ll really feel its power transfer up by way of every of the chakras.

On many events I noticed lovely colours together with each golden gentle and exquisite blues and magenta swirls.

It resonates strongly because it strikes up by way of the guts chakra and thymus or larger coronary heart chakra bringing a surge of loving power by way of because it strikes larger.

it right here additionally aids you to realize a larger consciousness of Divine Will, and
could allow you to to find what life path was deliberate for you, previous to
coming to this life.

Once it takes you above the crown chakra you will discover you slip fairly simply into a really deep meditative state. You could discover that your mind waves will decelerate nearly instantly.

As you attune with the power your mind waves could sluggish to the theta state, and that is the state by which you most simply make contact with beings from these larger realms.

You could discover that your guides simply appear to be one with you, like they’re merging with you, to information your journey into the upper realms.

It is such a peaceable and harmonious power that attracts you alongside corridors of sunshine, nearly like in a dream state.

Elestial Stellar Beams

The Elestial Calcite has some particular traits that make it completely different to the opposite varieties of canine tooth calcite.

Golden Stellar Beam CalciteGolden Elestial Stellar Beam Calcite Formation

These stones are very supportive of religious change, and should allow you to to find info within the larger realms.

You can then return absolutely conscious and figuring out the that means of what you skilled.  It is alleged that it additionally lets you launch points that my be inflicting issues in your life.

This is since you acquire an understanding of the explanations for what has occurred, the soul lesson that’s associated to the problem.

Who Should Use It?

This stone offers emotional therapeutic, as they might help you to let go of stress and concern that has dogged your life.

This is since you change into conscious of the explanations for a few of the issues which have occurred to you.

They even have therapeutic motion each emotionally and spiritually however they aren’t actually a stone for bodily therapeutic.

you might have been present process emotional issues, a great way to make the most of this
number of calcite is to stroke it by way of your auric area.

This could be very useful to do after you might have undergone any sort of religious or metaphysical therapeutic, or religious coaching, as it might assist to take away any remaining unfavorable power.

It can be good to make use of within the middle of a grid, particularly arrange with intent to launch previous life karmic points or for some other objective the place you need to make use of it for, to let go of issues from the previous.

If you’re a healer, it may be used within the middle of a grid in your therapeutic space. You can also wish to grid the place the place you meditate, to permit a deeper and extra religious meditation expertise.

Also use grounding crystals
that will help you to get again to regular. Before mattress is an effective time, because it
will assist your sleep to be calm and restful.

Pale Gold Stellar Beam CalciteAlso Called Dog Tooth Calcite

Use a few of the excessive crystal power stones within the grid if you want your religious progress to maneuver ahead extra rapidly.

This is a very helpful crystal
with a fantastic power. Stellar Beam Calcite is a robust crystal that resonates strongly inside all the chakras however inside the larger chakras specifically.

This stone’s vibration aids you to journey inside the larger realms and should facilitate contact with the Divine, and is a crystal that encourages contact with angels and your spirit guides.

It is a really stress-free and calming stone, however do not forget that it might make you ungrounded, so use it when you have not bought to go anyplace. 

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies within us.” Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Combining It With Other Stones

Nirvana Quartz aka Himalayan Ice Quartz is without doubt one of the excessive vibration stones that you could be like to make use of it with.

The combination within the crystal above, on Sphalerite, is kind of good because it grounds extra power as you employ it.

I do not understand how frequent these crystals are, however I needed one other one in every of these crystals and located one on Sphalerite, simply by coincidence!

As this can be a excessive vibration crystal, it’s advantageous to mix it with different excessive crystal power stones in case you are utilizing it to work in your religious progress.

Other excessive crystal power stones to mix with it consists of stones resembling Scolecite or Petalite, which have a loving coronary heart based mostly power, Rhodizite, Star Hollandite Quartz, Moldavite, Blue Celestite, Danburite, Tanzanite and Clear Apophyllite.

If you wish to intensify its motion to open new pathways within the mind, embody stones resembling White Heulandite, Herderite, Phenacite or Natrolite in your meditation.

These stones will each stimulate the mind and also will have a optimistic impact in your religious progress.

Like many different stones which have sturdy resonance inside the photo voltaic plexus chakra, Stellar Beam Calcite have power to assist abundance and prosperity.

Combine these crystals with different abundance stones, to assist you to manifest these stuff you need.

Use abundance stones resembling Golden Labradorite, Citrine Crystals, Brazilianite, Heliodor, Yellow Apatite, Peridot or Golden Yellow Topaz.

As this stone has the propensity to make you ungrounded very simply, it’s possible you’ll select to make use of a few of the stronger religious grounding stones after you might have completed your meditation.

Good decisions could possibly be Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, Black Obsidian, Smoky Quartz or Black Andradite Garnet additionally known as Melanite Garnet.

Stellar Beam CalciteStellar Beam Calcite aka Dog Tooth Calcite

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