Citrine Crystals Meaning & Use: Healing Crystals For You


Can You Use Them To Manifest Abundance and Prosperity?

Written By Liz Oakes

Citrine Crystals are nicely often called potent therapeutic crystals so that you can use to assist you to manifest abundance and prosperity, however  additionally produce other properties, together with to alleviate worry and nervousness.

All of the varied colours and forms of this golden stone are
well-known that will help you to assume extra clearly in addition to bringing happiness, pleasure and
different constructive issues and conditions into your life!

Natural Burmese Citrine Crystal ClusterNatural Genuine Citrine Cathedral Lightbary Cluster

They are quite a lot of quartz which are carefully associated to Amethyst and
most of the stones in the marketplace are created from Amethyst Crystals by
warmth remedy however not all.

A great instance is the beautiful untreated Natural Burmese Pale Yellow Crystal Cluster within the image above. Whether its pure or warmth handled, having a chunk within the atmosphere will be useful.

Read on to find how you should utilize these vivid golden yellow therapeutic crystals to make a distinction in your life, and be taught extra about their highly effective metaphysical and therapeutic properties.

These are a lot of items of pure Citrine promoting, and the colour varies in accordance with the placement the place it’s discovered. Its colour additionally relies on whether or not it has been warmth handled or is pure.

Although it’s believed that this course of doesn’t truly harm
the stone, the warmth handled stones have totally different qualities to the
pure real stone and are highly effective to assist manifestation.

Where Is It From? Citrine Meaning

The that means of the identify of those crystals, comes from the Greek phrase that means ‘citron’, as most of the earliest crystals discovered had a colour much like the citrus fruit of that identify. 

These crystals are essentially the most well-known yellow number of quartz. All quartz crystals are comprised primarily of silicon, and their colour pertains to the addition of assorted minerals, together with iron within the stone. 

Citrine Crystals are typically misunderstood and many individuals imagine that solely the real pure stone is price utilizing. Both the pure and warmth handled stone have comparable attributes however they do fluctuate.

You could also be stunned on the vary of colours that the stunning real pure crystal is available in, and opposite to what some individuals say it’s attainable to get real pure Citrine stones.

This is expounded to the place it’s
discovered, and it will possibly fluctuate from a really pale yellow, in a variety of shades
via to a deep honey colour, relying the place it comes from.

The pretty Burmese crystals that happen within the tantric twin formation, proven within the image above are pure. 

There are additionally fairly a number of others amongst my items of this crystal which are pure unheated stones, together with the pretty Honey Citrine Abundance Crystal proven in a picture beneath.

Honey Citrine Abundance CrystalNatural Honey Citrine Abundance Crystal

While most of the darker yellow stones are created by heating Amethyst, (typically referred to as burnt Amethyst) there are lots of pretty items of this crystal which are discovered naturally occurring in a  variety of places.

Many lovely pure items come from the Rio Grand do Sul area of Brazil, in addition to in different areas together with in France, Britain, Russia, Madagascar, Burma, Spain, South Africa and within the USA.

How Will Citrine Crystals Help You?

The Citrine properties which are most well-known are:

Its worth for aiding manifestation of prosperity, significantly when you mix it with the energy of affirmationsIt is thought to be the premier manifestation stone.As it’s a quartz
it has a robust amplification motion.It is sort of
widespread to search out items of this stone promoting, so its simple to purchase. As its
recognition is excessive, most individuals are conscious of the
vitality emitted by this pretty yellow stone.Buy Citrine Crystals from Exquisite Crystals, my most trusted supply for getting crystals.Citrine CrystalsLovely Double Terminated Quartz Formation – Citrine Crystals

One of the much less nicely
identified properties of those crystals are their means to assuage worry and
nervousness, by its robust motion to activate the photo voltaic plexus, the seat of the desire.

will enable you to be decisive about what you’ll convey into your life, and by permitting you to let go of your worry it might assist you to be
capable of settle for into your life the nice that’s coming your manner.

Did you already know that Citrine can be a robust therapeutic stone? Read extra right here.

Who Should Use It?

This is an exceedingly helpful stone, that brings via vitality
to the entire decrease three chakras. In addition it would open up the third eye chakra and assist you to assume extra clearly.

opening could also be highly effective as Citrine Crystals have the impact of
deepening your degree of psychological readability and accelerating religious
imaginative and prescient

These crystals may additionally elevate your instinct, or help you to develop your instinct, and it’s wonderful to mix with Tourmalinated Quartz, additionally a stone that aids psychological readability.

The mixed vitality of the 2 stones will amplify the outcome. As it’s a quartz crystal it has the additional benefit of amplifying the vitality of any stones which are used along with it.

It may additionally be useful for aiding therapeutic of issues within the eye space. It will assist you in therapeutic ego points that come from throughout the photo voltaic plexus, also called the private energy chakra.

Citrine Crystals might:

increase your means to take the fitting actions when confronted
with troublesome choicesstimulate your instinct, which might help you to search out solutions extra simply
might enhance your degree of self-worth, because it
has a robust impact throughout the space that governs private energy.

Can It Help To Manifest Abundance and Prosperity?

For aiding you to have the ability to higher think about something you want, the
lemon yellow warmth handled crystals are very highly effective. If you want to manifest abundance into your life use common legal guidelines to assist you.

Spend time imagining what it’s you want. If you create it first in your creativeness, then it is possible for you to to create it later in your actuality.  

The 7 legal guidelines of attraction are at work when you’re utilizing these vivid
yellow crystals. These legal guidelines say that with a purpose to entice something, you
must first think about it. 

You could also be aided by this vitality to
manifest what you want in your life, together with the flexibility to manifest
prosperity together with cash, relying on what you might be concentrating on.

This stone helps to spice up your creativeness which can help the method. To manifest, the brilliant warmth handled stones are very helpful.

These days
a lot of the brightly coloured crystals and maybe among the darker coloured stones have been created from Amethyst,
by a course of of warmth remedy.

It can be utilized together with Cinnabar stone, as these two crystals are often called the retailers stone attributable to their motion to help these whose work pertains to gross sales.

This pretty crystal is well-known for the best way it really works to extend abundance and prosperity in your life , as this can be the results of utilizing it particularly you probably have a enterprise.

Wearing These Crystals

It is simple to purchase jewellery constructed from this yellow number of quartz, and utilizing one in every of these crystals will enable you when you sit quietly in meditation and permit your self to really feel the vibration.

Wearing earrings constructed from Citrine Crystals might enable you as a result of:

They assist you to assume extra clearly, as their vibration energizes the third eye chakra. This might convey psychological readability 
Their vitality might precipitate a rise in religious imaginative and prescient. Citrine Earrings

This vitality encourages pleasure, happiness and hope to circulate via you. Through this assist, these crystals for happiness might assist you to learn to be joyful.

They are additionally helpful therapeutic crystals so that you can use to help you when you’re
collaborating in group actions, as they might help to unite the vitality
of all concerned.

You can use this lemon crystal in your each day meditation utilizing crystals, and you are able to do a selected meditation to draw abundance.

If you put on it wherever on the physique it is going to be useful, however when you put on it as shut as attainable to the photo voltaic plexus chakra space it is going to be simpler to assist creativity.

The vivid yellow crystals will :

Activate the sacral chakra and this may assist to stimulate your creativity
The sacral or navel chakra can be the place your creativeness and artistic skills are birthed.

Having a chunk of one in every of these lovely yellow crystals inside your auric subject for so long as attainable every day is advantageous to stimulate all chakras.

How To Use These Crystals

This stone is an Aries, Libra, Leo and Gemini birthstone,
and may be very efficient for manifestation, together with to manifest cash. For manifesting whilst you sleep, put a chunk below your pillow.

It is simple to purchase Citrine jewellery, so you may have it in your physique, and
this will likely be very helpful to your means to manifest.

If you examine the checklist of birthstones by month you’ll discover that it’s a November birthstone in addition to a June birthstone. 

John Of God Citrine PendantJohn Of God Citrine Pendant

It can be on the Zodiac Birthstone chart as it’s one the birthstones for the zodiac.  This signifies that it is vitally doubtless that items of gorgeous yellow quartz gems will likely be discovered
made into engaging rings or pendants that you simply may like.

As an adjunct, gemstone jewellery constructed from Citrine Crystals could also be obtained that had been made into very lovely items, together with pretty necklaces, earrings and rings. 

The constructive vitality circulate inside each the sacral or navel chakra and throughout the photo voltaic plexus chakra is essential for aiding manifestation.

This crystal is a robust stone to cleanse and regenerate your atmosphere, and it creates plenty of constructive motion of vitality throughout the physique too.

One of the explanations these crystals first grew to become common as jewellery was as a result of the colour of some stone resembles the costly deep yellow Golden Topaz gems.

These days it’s extra prone to be purchased for its metaphysical properties, as so many individuals at the moment are conscious of its robust attributes to stimulate abundance and prosperity. 

Healing Properties Of Citrine Crystals

Although most individuals consider Citrine Crystals as being stones for
manifestation there are additionally  numerous therapeutic properties that
they embody.

It doesn’t matter if they’re pure Citrine or
warmth handled stone, that are typically referred to as burnt amethyst, when the
stone is a deep orange or brown colour.

Amethyst is a potent therapeutic stone in its personal proper. Whether you might be utilizing
the well-known purple stone or the yellow Citrine stones which were warmth handled, it nonetheless embodies the
therapeutic vitality of the violet flame.

Citrine Quartz Crystal Ring

Citrine Crystals have a robust vitality inside each the bottom and the sacral chakra.
While this may assist creativity, as well as it has an excellent motion to assist
the well being of the organs situated in these areas.

Healing Properties Of Citrine Crystals:

They are identified
to be useful to help within the remedy of digestive points, together with
serving to to alleviate constipationThey might help issues throughout the gall
bladder, kidneys and urinary tractThey are stated to help blood circulation and assist with the
discount of growthsThey are purported to help with an enchancment in
your imaginative and prescient and in case you are affected by a degenerative dysfunction they
are stated to help along with your ongoing therapeutic. Citrine Crystals are identified to assist to stability the
thyroid and will energize the thymus glandBy stimulating your
metabolism they could help with weight reduction and increase discount of

Wearing these crystals may additionally assist the therapeutic of numerous different
well being issues, and this may occasionally partly be as a result of all forms of quartz
resonate strongly with good amplification properties.

Their vitality
will resonate fairly powerfully into the realm near the place they’re situated and they’re additionally simple to program.

If you’ve gotten any of the well being points talked about above it might be of worth so that you can program your crystal to help your therapeutic. If you might be uncertain about tips on how to program crystals learn extra right here.

 Properties of Citrine Crystals… Color of The Stone

The colours of the pure untreated Honey Citrine (see image beneath) and my pure yellow Pendulum, proven right here, in addition to the stunning pale yellow Burmese pure cluster above, are examples of the variations within the look of pure stones.

The properties of this yellow quartz crystal varies in accordance with its colour. It naturally is available in a variety of various shades, together with the brighter yellow stone and really pale yellow.

Pale Yellow Citrine PendulumPale Yellow Citrine Pendulum

The pure crystals might typically resemble the colour of paler Smoky Quartz, additionally referred to as Smokey Citrine.

If you favor to make use of pure crystals, the colour of the pure Citrine Crystals could also be pale yellow, honey yellow and even with little or no colour in any respect.

These crystals could also be a really totally different colour to most of the different crystals, as they’re typically a really pale yellow colour.

Regardless of which of the varied quartz configurations or formations the stone happens as, you can see that the pure stone has totally different metaphysical qualities to the manufactured warmth handled  stone.

The pure stone is a wonderful selection, each for manifestation and
therapeutic. Not solely is it simply as highly effective for manifestation, however in
addition it would enable you to launch etheric blockages inside your

These blockages might have been holding you again from permitting your
biggest good. Its vitality is usually stronger than the warmth handled stone.

Aids You To Create The Life You Desire

Both pure Citrine Crystals and the warmth handled stones are very lovely. Using both will elevate the extent of your vibration, and assist you to create the life you want.

The undeniable fact that this pretty yellow stone is quite a lot of quartz signifies that it has a robust means to radiate vitality.

Citrine TumblestoneCitrine Tumblestone

This signifies that its vibration will powerfully resonate inside any space the place it’s used. Use the Seven Laws of Attraction
to help you.

If you utilize them together with Citrine crystals, the impact
could also be very highly effective. Use your creativeness it is going to be aided by Citrines

Spiritual Growth & Manifestation

The colour of many Citrine Crystals could also be a darkish orange colour, and this is a sign of the warmth remedy that these stones have gone via.

Although some say it is a controversial crystal, this course of truly mimics what occurs naturally throughout the earth.

A clue to their having been heated shouldn’t be solely the colour however the best way the stones are fashioned as most Citrine that’s heated seems much like Amethyst.

Citrine CrystalCitrine Crystal Cluster

If you do not forget that all stones have been naturally heated throughout their time throughout the earth, you already know that the warmth remedy won’t hurt them in any respect.

Through its immersion in hearth it alters to a brand new stone, an analogy for its motion while you apply its vibration to assist you spiritually.

They have an excellent motion to assist religious development, and as well as they may enable you to know when it’s needed to drag away from a state of affairs and have the ability to say “no” when required.

“If you want to feel rich just count all the things that you have, that money can’t buy.”

Combining It With Other Stones

This stone works to stimulate your visionary skills throughout the third eye chakra.

Its motion could also be enhanced and strengthened by combining it with among the excessive vibration crystals, equivalent to Phenacite, Stellar Beam Calcite or Natrolite.

It additionally aids you to convey via religious vitality from the religious realms. This could also be boosted through the use of it with Zircons, Scolecite, Herderite, Amethyst, Danburite and Petalite.

To increase your creativeness you could like to make use of it with Pietersite, Picasso Stone or Spessartine Garnet.

Citrine is quite a lot of quartz crystal, so the quartz therapeutic properties inside these yellow stones have a robust vibration to amplify vitality.

You might select to make use of it with both Purple Amethyst together with the
pretty pale lavender Vera Cruz Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Golden Rutilated
Quartz,  Aqua Aura Quartz, Tourmilated Quartz or Clear Quartz Crystals.

These combos will strengthen that amplification vitality, and increase its
manifesting vibration.

Using it with different prosperity crystals might additional assist manifestation, and will significantly enable you to manifest a rise in cash.

Excellent combos for this goal are to make use of it mixed with Golden Yellow Topaz, Orange Calcite, Cassiterite, Fire Agate, Yellow Apatite, Amber, Green Peridot, Chalcopyrite and Libyan Gold Tektite… also called Libyan Desert Glass.

Orange CalciteOrange Calcite

For manifesting a rise inside your corporation, one highly effective mixture is to make use of it with Cinnabar stone, which is also called the Merchants stone. This is a potent mixture to assist your corporation to thrive.

Another highly effective mixture for manifestation is to make use of them with Brazilianite and Rhodizite crystals which magnifies the vitality of different stones.

For enhancing creativity mix it with any of the robust creativity stones, equivalent to Golden Yellow Labradorite, Orange Calcite, Orange Creedite, Peach Aventurine, Amber, Orange Carnelian, Azurite Stone or Zincite.

Add further vitality for manifestation by combining them with stones for both the photo voltaic plexus chakra or the sacral chakra, significantly the golden and yellow stones. 

Crystals for these chakras are all good stones to mix with it to assist manifestation.

More Pictures Of Citrine Crystals…

Citrine Seer StoneCitrine Seer Stone
Citrine CrystalsCitrine Crystals

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