Crystals for Car Protection to Keep in Your Car



From road-rage to visitors, damaging power can come from quite a lot of locations once you’re on-the-go in a car. And identical to your own home or workplace, the automotive wants energetic safety, too! In the identical method as you’d use crystals in your house or workplace to guard the power, you should utilize crystals in your automotive to guard your self, your passengers, and your car once you’re on-the-go. To make it simple, we’re breaking down the precise steps to take and which crystals to maintain in your automotive to guard towards all sources of negativity. And if that is the primary you’re listening to of safety to your automotive, the automotive safety crystal equipment has the whole lot that you must guarantee energetic security in your mode of transportation. 

Before we get to the crystals to maintain in your automotive, like every good makeover step one to be taken is to scrub out the whole thing of your automotive from the within out. Ridding this area of any further garments and litter will present a clear slate so that you can start the crystals for automotive safety course of. Once you might be working with a clear area it’s time to energetically cleanse your car with the burning sage and the sounds of OM chanting. Make positive to get the within and outdoors of your car for a full cleanse!


Upon completion and earlier than beginning your engine, maintain your crystals for automotive safety in each palms and say out loud: “I am protected. My car is protected. Everyone in my car is protected at all times. Each and every day, a shield of white light surrounds my car to protect it and keep it safe.” Now, it’s time to place the crystals for secure automotive journey within the applicable places to keep up the specified further layer of energetic safety.

Where to Place the Crystals for Car Protection:

Place the Black Tourmaline underneath the motive force’s seat for defense. Black Tourmaline protects and shields your automotive, and anybody in it, from undesirable power. 
Place Selenite underneath the passenger’s seat for cleaning. Selenite cleanses and purifies the power of your automotive to maintain it vibrating on the highest stage.  
Place Clear Quartz within the heart console to create a defend of white gentle. Clear Quartz acts as a defend of white gentle that maintains constructive power round your automotive. 
Place Amethyst in your glove compartment to foster security. Amethyst is thought to advertise secure travels and to assist your automotive run easily.

Every three months be sure to collect your crystals for automotive safety, cleanse them, and place them again inside your car to keep up the protecting defend.



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