four Poems About the Healthy Mind and Soul, Including “Goddess Energy”


Goddess Energy

she is safe.
in her sense of self.
confidence adorns her
in its delicate veil
of poise.
she is charming.
all who cross her path.
distanced from the
false perceptions
of naive minds.
she is unafraid.
from chains of the previous.
geared up to battle
any and each battle
that comes her method.
she is fierce.
in her strategy.
she fears nothing.
for she has slain dragons
one might solely think about.

On Death

your dying is inevitable, so why do you worry it?
maybe the ticking clock alludes your existence is ephemeral…
certain by your first and final breath.
might there be extra?


search the solutions inside, and you’ll certainly see.
your existence isn’t any mere coincidence,
however a divinely organized miracle.
how must you reside it?


discover the innermost quests of your soul.
you’ll discover every highway leads residence to a changeless fact.
every breath could also be numbered, however your being is everlasting.
what’s your goal?


Overpower the Night With Your Light

thank every problem
that comes your method.
for it isn’t a hindrance,
however a optimistic alternative
to boost your endurance
and destroy your internal boundaries.
greet every trial
with a cheerful smile.
giggle at its qualms,
and defeat its deprecation.
for darkness can not stay
the place there may be gentle.

To Be Alone

alone, however not lonely
she bathes in her solitude
flowing with the stream of her soul
within the river of peace, she is renewed

she dances with the rhythm of the night time
and breathes within the gentle of the day
balanced within the essence of her being
fulfilled via days of solar and gray

alone, however not lonely
she is open, she is evident
she doesn’t beg, she doesn’t plead
and by no means waits for a saviour to seem

she is her personal hero, her personal muse
safe within the firm of her silence
therapeutic her wounds with gentleness
the lure of her soul, her solely steering

You Are Not Your Mind

don’t imagine all ideas
that invade your thoughts.
for the ego is aware of not
the type of your soul.
your thoughts might inform tales,
most of that are unfaithful.
don’t worry its foolish tales,
however query its notion.
unravel the tangled threads
of your twisted mentality.
separating from the you
who fears.
moving into the you
who loves.

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