Gives Protection From Psychic Attack


Helps Recovery From Electrical Sensitivity

Written By Liz Oakes

Aegirine have a wonderful power to offer safety from psychic assault, and can assist to interrupt the maintain of damaging beings already connected.

For anybody with electrical sensitivity, it is a useful stone to maintain in your physique, that can assist you to take care of artificial radiation.


They are stones which have a lot of highly effective attributes that make them helpful to make use of to enhance your life. It could also be
particularly advantageous for these battling addictions.

They are useful therapeutic crystals so that you can put to make use of as they’ve a great therapeutic power for bodily issues in addition to additionally
having glorious properties to help emotional therapeutic.

Where Is It From? Aegirine Meaning

This mineral was named after the Scandinavian God of the ocean Aegir, and is likely one of the minerals that make up Nebula Stone. It is present in South Africa, Russia, Canada, the USA and Greenland.

It is often known as Acmite and should happen together with a lot of different
minerals, together with with Arfvedsonite, Natrolite, Tugtupite,
Kakortokite or Albite. 

The coloration of those stones generally seem like they’re black. But
whereas the stones might appear to be black they might truly be very darkish
inexperienced or brownish black.

They generally have striations within the stone which you’ll see in lots of the photos, or they might type as prismatic crystals. This stone usually sells as lengthy slim items generally known as wands. 


You may see it (incorrectly) spelled “Aegerine” in numerous locations the place the stone is promoting, and they’re in all probability speaking about the identical stone.

Why Would You Use It?

There are a lot of causes for utilizing it together with:

They are good therapeutic crystals so that you can have close by as they’ve a great therapeutic powerThey are identified to be useful to maintain near you in case you are electrically delicate. In specific Aegirine is a EMF safety crystal that could be useful to you in case you discover that you’re delicate to low frequency radiation sources.This consists of reactions sensitivity to web and cellular phone towers, in addition to to pc emanations and wi-fi emissions.Additionally
it might additionally help you in case you react to different sorts of radiation,
particularly in case you discover that you simply really feel unwell if you find yourself near different
radiation emitting electrical home equipment which might be man-made.

How To Use It… Wearing This Crystal

While it isn’t probably the most well-known Pisces birthstones, it has been categorised as a stone to assist these born beneath this zodiac signal.

Wearing Aegirine jewellery is a superb manner to make use of it because it embodies an power that stimulates pleasure and happiness.

They are useful stones to make use of for anybody is feeling burdened by life’s occasions or if you find yourself feeling depressed or crammed
with damaging feelings.

Aegirine PendantAegirine Pendant from Greenland

Wearing an Aegirine pendant creates a defensive barrier with a powerful protecting power, as they’re highly effective stones to assist to guard you from psychic assault.

is well-known for its motion to interrupt the maintain of damaging beings that
might already be connected to you, in addition to being very helpful for

Their power helps to stimulate good emotions,  which  one of many different the explanation why it’s
a wonderful stone to make use of in case you are feeling burdened or anxious.

How Will It Help You? Healing Attributes…

black  stones are helpful to strengthen therapeutic in case you use them with different
minerals which have related attributes, as they might increase the best way the
different minerals perform.

They are useful to help the physique to launch toxins, in addition to serving to you in case you are battling addictions.

Arfvedsonite, Aegirine and Feldspar SpecimenArfvedsonite, Aegirine and Feldspar Specimen

They will help therapeutic of the immune system, muscle and bone
issues and should help rehabilitation for anybody who has been affected
by artificial radiation sources.

They may assist the therapeutic of points associated to the liver, spleen and

“Every day you must unlearn the ways that hold you back. You must rid yourself of negativity, so you can learn to fly.” Leon Brown

The Book: Long Term EMF Protection… Start Feeling Better Today

Long Term EMF Protection – Start Feeling Better Today is a e-book about this topic written by Lloyd Burrell from

In this e-book Lloyd Burrell discusses
a quantity methods you possibly can assist your self in case you are electrically delicate.He offers you concepts to mitigate EMFs.
In the e-book he makes the purpose that there isn’t a magic bullet, and he
makes no outrageous claims.

Click right here to learn my evaluate of his e-book the place I focus on the wonderful assets that his e-book covers. My evaluate will inform
you about concepts he has written about, to help you to dwell simpler with EMF. Check it out!

Electrical Sensitivity Resources…

For those that have found they’re delicate to digital gadgets,
particularly computer systems and wi-fi, its form of scary and it could take some
time to get a deal with on.

Electrical sensitivity is usually attributable to stress mixed with spending time utilizing computer systems cell phones and different gadgets.


It is kind of exhausting to get a deal with on, so I believed I might clarify extra right here, although this part is just not about crystals as I wished to help anybody who’s in search of assist.

I additionally appeared for sensible methods to make modifications in my atmosphere as
properly. I discovered a lot of web sites that helped me to work out what to
do, together with a wonderful web-site that I already knew about known as

This is a private concern that may take a while to look into and utilizing
each sensible useful resource at your disposal makes it simpler to navigate
this world we now dwell in.

I used the web site Less EMF to buy numerous objects, they promote on-line and ship worldwide.

More concepts in case you are delicate to digital gadgets

Judy Halls e-book Crystal Prescriptions: Crystal Solutions to Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic Stress is a wonderful information that can assist you as properly.

Read my evaluate of Crystal Prescriptions Volume Three.

In this e-book, Judy Hall recommends Petaltone essence for electrical sensitivity, in addition to different glorious essences made by David Eastoe, together with essences for cleaning crystals.

Check out the Petaltone UK Website (he additionally has a US web site) and search for the essence generally known as EMF Protect as it really works properly that can assist you.

The Australian bush flower essence Electro Essence additionally works very
properly to help electrical sensitivity.

I’ve these two essences readily available
and use them if I’m going into environments the place there are massive
numbers of cell phones getting used.


Being a passionate crystal consumer I additionally appeared for crystals that might assist
me. Check out Judy Halls e-book talked about above, in case you have electrical sensitivity.

I discovered fairly a number of EMF Protection Crystals together with Fulgurite, Black Tourmaline
and Shungite in addition to some others you could find listed within the part
beneath on combining crystals.

Combining Aegirine With Other Stones

To increase its therapeutic motion in case you are affected by a sensitivity to any kind of electromagnetic radiation, use it with any of the opposite stones identified to assist with this concern.

EMF safety crystals that could be useful for these with electrical sensitivity to make use of consists of Shungite, Aventurine, Black Tourmaline, Fulgurite, Amazonite and Flint.


Used alone it’s a potent stone for psychic safety, that forestalls psychic assault, however in case you want to trial it with different stones there are a selection of fantastic ones you could mix with it. 

Some particular stones you could like to make use of together with this stone to spice up the extent of safety consists of Moldavite, Black Tourmaline, Pyrolusite, Kimberlite, Cookeite, Tantalite, Black Obsidian, Black Andradite Garnet, Shattuckite or Charoite.



The power of this stone can also be well-known for its motion to stimulate emotions of pleasure and happiness. If you want a serious inflow of fine emotions in your life, mix it with different stones that additionally enhance happiness.

Stones that will help you to really feel extra joyous consists of Green Tourmaline, Poppy Jasper, Chrysoprase, Peridot, Chalcopyrite and Rainforest Jasper.

Poppy JasperPoppy Jasper

If you might be experiencing stress or nervousness, it might be worthwhile to make use of stones for stress aid, as this may help you to enhance how you are feeling.

There are a lot of stones which might be well-known to help stress and you could have already got a few of these in your assortment.

Stones that will notably be helpful for this objective consists of the stunning inexperienced Amazonite, Lilac Lepidolite and Lithium Quartz, however there are much more listed in my article on relieving stress.

More photos of this stone…


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