Kammererite Balances The Brain, Brings Harmony, Healing & Protection


Balances The Brain, Creates Harmony, Brings Healing & Protection

Written By Liz Oakes

Kammererite are potent crystals to make use of to create a protecting grid in your residenceThey have a vibration that may be very helpful to help your pondering because it helps to steadiness the mind. 

By bringing either side of the mind into symmetry they assist to create a extra harmonious life


They are deep purple or pinkish purple stones that resonate throughout the third eye, crown chakra, soul star and better etheric chakras.

These stones are attention-grabbing as a result of they’re chlorite wealthy stones that aren’t coloured inexperienced, like many different crystals containing chlorite.

Unlike different stones containing chlorite these crystals additionally comprise chromium which makes their colour and power totally different. 

When you employ them in meditation you might attain a deeper meditative state and their power might help you to make contact with angelic beings.

The presence of chlorite makes them wonderful therapeutic stones that even have a powerful non secular vibration. 

Where Is It From? Meaning Of Kammererite

Kammererite can be spelled as Kaemmererite. The title Kaemmererite is claimed to have originated in Sweden, and was named for a Russian scientist August Alexander Kammerer. 

These crystals are present in Turkey and within the Scandinavian international locations Finland, Norway and Sweden.

While it isn’t a standard stone it’s potential to get it from specialist
crystal stone suppliers, and is price following up because it has a stunning

This is a chlorite wealthy stone, and for some this can be shocking as many
folks consider chlorite stones as inexperienced as many are, resembling Seraphinite and Chlorite Phantom Quartz.

The colour of this stone pertains to the inclusion of chromium which makes a number of the metaphysical properties somewhat totally different to different excessive chlorite crystals.

These stones happen in varied shades of reddish rose, purple, pinkish-purple or reddish purple.


Some chlorite wealthy stones comprise different minerals that enables them to be a distinct colour, together with Cookeite stone, which can be varied colours together with each inexperienced or pink coloured.

Crystals of this stone are identified to type in a hexagonal or pyramid form and are fairly lovely, however these are mentioned to be uncommon. In addition it could be discovered as a coating on different minerals.

Why Would You Use It? How To Use It…

These crystals have a fairly beautiful power, and one of many extra helpful methods to make the most of them is in your each day meditation as their motion to stimulate the mind makes them potent stones to assist your life .

They have fairly a powerful resonance that may be felt fairly simply, and they’re useful stones to encourage non secular progress and to assist you to attach with angelic beings throughout meditation.


These crystals have a powerful motion throughout the increased chakras, together with throughout the soul star chakra and better etheric chakras, as nicely the third eye and crown.

It could also be
useful to recline when utilizing them, with the intention to place your stone on
your brow near the third eye.

These are highly effective stones to
use in case you are engaged on growing psychic presents as they’ve a
robust stimulating impact on the third eye.

Alternatively you may like to position your piece in your crown, as they’re identified for his or her motion to assist to steadiness the mind when used anyplace throughout the increased chakras.

By their motion to deliver the left mind rational mind-set into unity with the artistic and intuitive aspect of the mind they assist to create deep concord in your pondering.

This deep accord inside your ideas flows into all components of your life, serving to you to have a extra harmonious and balanced life-style.

Their vibration throughout the crown chakra will even assist to align all the chakras, to assist you to really feel relaxed and centered.

This stones are additionally extremely protecting and could also be used to grid your house. Use them with different psychic safety stones or use them alone, relying on what you favor.

Who Should Use It? Wearing Kammererite

This is a Pisces birthstone, and though jewellery made these stones isn’t frequent, in case you have a necessity to alleviate ache in your muscular tissues and joints it might be advantageous to put on it in your physique.

An attention-grabbing side of the metaphysical attributes of those crystals is their motion to deliver the vibration of the bodily physique into resonance with the psychological.

By combining the 2, this may increasingly assist each areas of your life. Keeping certainly one of these stones in your physique could also be useful with a view to help your therapeutic.

KammereriteKammererite Pendant

Additionally it could encourage you to adapt to altered circumstances and modifications associated to the belongings you imagine in

It may additionally provide help to to achieve readability about these belongings you appear to instinctively know are proper and true.

These stones have motion to stimulate non secular readability, with a powerful coronary heart based mostly power that lets you achieve consciousness of deeper internal non secular truths.

How Will It Help You? Healing Attributes

As talked about above, these stones comprise good quantities of chlorite and the presence of this mineral is well-known for its therapeutic motion within the physique.

Chlorite wealthy stones are identified for his or her motion to spice up the physique’s capacity to soak up nutritional vitamins and minerals.

They are helpful to help with the discharge of poisonous construct up within the physique and will provide help to to launch poisonous ideas and let go of negativity in the best way you assume.


Their power can also be helpful to assist the expansion of helpful micro organism within the intestine, they usually have motion to alleviate ache in your muscular tissues and joints.

Their vibration might significantly provide help to in case you are attending to an age the place you’re feeling much less versatile and discover that its not as simple to do a number of the belongings you used to.

Furthermore it additionally helps to activate larger flexibility in your pondering and perception construction.

This stone has therapeutic motion throughout the base chakra, and is understood to particularly assist ladies with issues associated to the womb and fertility. 

It has a wonderful vibration to help emotional therapeutic, and could also be useful to assist you to recollect previous lives which might be associated to well being points in your current life.

These crystals could also be utilized in mixture with different therapeutic stones to extend the general power of the method when doing palms on therapeutic.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive. And to do so with some compassion, some humor and some style.” Maya Angelou.

Combining It With Other Stones

If you wish to steadiness either side of the mind, there are a variety of different stones that may additionally assist to do that. Stones to make use of for this objective consists of Moss Agate, Tiger Eye, Magnetite and Cerussite.

This stone is understood for its motion to assist to alleviate ache in your muscular tissues and joints. To improve the reduction you may want, there are a variety of others stones that may assist to ease ache.

You may additionally like to make use of different stones that assist alleviate affected by muscular tissues points, resembling Fuchsite, Spessartine Garnet, Black Tourmaline, Malachite, Phlogopite, Blue Calcite, Pyrrhotite, Graphite, Gyrolite, Cookeite, Orthocerus, Jet Stone, Clinohumite, Euclase, Lilac Lepidolite, Emerald or Creedite.


It could also be advantageous to make use of stones that stimulate the third eye,
significantly when you want to use them that can assist you to develop psychic

There are plenty of stones which have a powerful motion throughout the third eye and I’ve a devoted article about third eye chakra stones.

There are numerous stones that stimulate this chakra, and there might even be some that you have already got, so it could be helpful to take a look at the web page about this chakra.

Some stones that you can use that work nicely to stimulate the third eye consists of, Dumortierite, Howlite, Rainbow Mayanite, Sugilite, Petrified Wood, Sodalite and Blue Sapphire.

Rainbow MayaniteRainbow Mayanite

If you just like the therapeutic attributes of chlorite wealthy stones there are another crystals containing chlorite that you could be want to work with, resembling Seraphinite, Chlorite Phantom Quartz and Cookeite.

Chlorite Phantom QuartzChlorite Phantom Quartz

To provide help to to make a reference to angelic beings throughout your each day meditation, you might like so as to add in different stones as, particularly these stones which might be well-known to assist contact with angels.

Stones you can select consists of Seraphinite, Angelite, Celestite, Tunellite, Tanzanite, Beryllonite, Mangano Calcite or Pollucite.


More Photos Of Kammererite

KammereriteRaw Kammererite
Pink Kammererite


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