Lightbody Awakening, Ascension & Enlightenment


Lightbody Awakening, Ascension And Enlightenment?

Written By Liz Oakes

Cryolite is a fairly wonderful excessive vibration crystal that conjures up a deep connection to the upper realms and to Spirit.

It energizes the mind and creates a robust mind-heart hyperlink! A dynamic stone for lightbody awakening, ascension and enlightenment.


It connects you with angels and with beings within the increased realms. This stone has a pleasant coronary heart primarily based vibration but it’s fairly intense and will create deep religious progress.

has a powerful vibration inside the entire chakras, and this movement of
gentle will transfer all through the physique, and on the base chakra might stimulate kundalini activation.

Where Does It Come From?

Originally this stone was found in Greenland, and this was the one deposit of it on the earth. It was utilized in that nation as a flux for aluminum smelting and this has virtually used up the deposit.

Fortunately for the metaphysical neighborhood different deposits of Cryolite have additionally been present in Canada, the United States and in Russia, so these stones are actually extra simply accessible. 

This stone is white and has a low refractive index, which makes it virtually appear to vanish when positioned in water.

It accommodates aluminum, and it’s used to make pesticides, and it’s identified to go away a poisonous residue on the vegetation. So please take care with its use and ensure the items you utilize are sealed.

You might select to make use of it inside a crystal bag if you’re undecided whether it is sealed correctly. The power will nonetheless work.

If you want to use considered one of these stones to make a crystal essence or elixir, use the oblique methodology, the place there may be glass between the stone and the water, that manner you solely obtain the vibration within the water.

It has been discovered alongside different minerals equivalent to Cassiterite,
Siderite, Chalcopyrite, Wolframite, varied Quartz varieties, Fluorite,
Topaz, Columbite, Galena and Molybdenite… a few of that are poisonous

Why Would You Use It?

Cryolite is understood to reinforce your items of psychic figuring out, in addition to stimulating different psychic items. This is a extremely religious crystal with a excessive vibration that has a robust impact on the mind. 

This crystal markedly energizes the prefrontal cortex of the mind and the third eye chakra, and is named one of many extra highly effective crystals to assist lightbody awakening.


Cryolite additionally strongly prompts the crown chakra and the guts chakra, together with the third eye chakra, bringing all three chakras into concord and alignment.

This becoming a member of collectively of those three chakras creates a better appreciation of your reference to the Divine thoughts and will join you with beings within the increased realms. You might really feel a euphoric coronary heart primarily based power fill you.

Don’t be shocked if this deep sturdy power inside your coronary heart wells up inside you, with a fairly intense emotion, as that is generally created by the vibration of this beautiful stone.

Wearing This High Vibration Stone

It  could be discovered on the checklist of zodiac birthstones, and it’s useful to maintain a bit near you that can assist you to realize from its power, as it’s extremely useful to your religious progress.

Cryolite pendants aren’t
simple to seek out and it’s not frequent to seek out it made into jewellery. One manner
to put on it’s to seek out somebody who does wire wrapping and have one made
for you.

This white crystal is a birthstone for the Aquarius individual, and it’s a beautiful crystal to put on in your physique.

Cryolite PendantCryolite Pendant

It has a robust vibration that resonates inside all chakras, making a stream of sunshine that flows all through the physique.

Its vibration throughout the throat chakra can be identified to assist public talking and will help with speech issues. 

Its vibration can also enable you to to be much less noticeable when you’re in a scenario the place you would favor nobody took any discover of you.

This is a robust stone for lightbody awakening, ascension and enlightenment, and for reference to angelic beings in addition to different beings within the religious realms.

How To Use It

At the bottom chakra, it is vibration might kindle the beginning of kundalini activation and the power of Cryolite is understood to stimulate the kundalini to awaken.

CryoliteCryolite Stone

Even if you don’t discover that it creates a full kundalini expertise you could really feel its power shifting up your backbone and as much as the crown chakra.

Allow your self to movement with it and to comply with the place it goes and pay attention to its motion inside your physique.

Cryolite brings Divine gentle by way of your physique, introducing it by way of the crown chakra and the upper transpersonal chakras, to assist the method of lightbody activation.

Through the creation of the brain-mind relationship, a profound
religious reference to the Divine thoughts and the beings in spirit can
be created in case you enable it to occur.

Creates Strong Mind-Heart Link

It helps to create a deep connection to the upper realms and to Spirit, and will enable you to to resolve issues utilizing your instinct.

Cryolite is a tremendous excessive vibration crystal that stimulates the mind to carry a couple of sturdy mind-heart hyperlink. 

It has an beautiful coronary heart primarily based vibration that’s fairly intense, and its motion might result in deep religious progress.


will most likely really feel its vibration flowing out into your total auric
discipline. You might really feel the power of this crystal inside your root
chakra on the base of your backbone. 

It just isn’t crucial to position it
on a selected chakra as its power simply flows to the best place
the place its power could also be wanted by you.

How Will It Help You?

Learn simple meditation strategies to make use of with this stone, as this can be a fantastic crystal to make use of in a meditation.

This excessive vibration crystal aids your thoughts to grow to be congruent along with your wishes and your deepest emotions.

This might engender an acceptance to provide of your self what you require to reside your reside in better service to the Divine.

The particular coronary heart primarily based power created by the awakening of the guts chakra can carry by way of profound emotions of pleasure, peace, deeper understanding and religion.

Who Should Use It?

Cryolite is a tremendous excessive vibration crystal that energizes the mind & produces a powerful mind-heart hyperlink, making a deep connection to the upper realms and to Spirit.

This white crystal can also stimulate the seat of the desire, because it
resonates strongly inside your photo voltaic plexus chakra also referred to as the ability chakra.

This chakra aids private energy and the power of this stone used on this area  might empower you to do what must be finished.

While it really works in any respect chakras, this excessive vibration stone strongly resonates throughout the soul star chakra.


Not by utilizing willpower, however by the guts primarily based power that comes by way of, and from surrendering to the desire of the Divine.

This might help you to make a deeper religious reference to the Divine thoughts.

You might discover that you could be join with beings within the increased realms together with making contact with the angelic kingdom.

You will discover that the guts primarily based power that flows by way of you’ll
create emotions of deep internal peace and acceptance all through your
total being. 

As you proceed utilizing Cryolite crystals, the movement of power from the
thoughts to the guts, and the wishes of the guts returning to the thoughts
middle might create inside you emotions of deep give up to Spirit.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein.

Crystal Books You May Enjoy

The crystal books proven beneath are all very in-depth crystal reference books. There have been a whole lot of glorious new crystal books printed within the final couple of years.

I really like the newest ebook from Cassandra Eason, The Complete Crystal Bible and it options lots of the extra frequent and fewer frequent stones.


The Book Of Stones put out an expanded version a number of years in the past. The up to date model featured a lot of new stones  which I used to be happy to see coated. 

Crystal Prescriptions Volume Three might
be helpful in case you have a sensitivity to electromagnetic gadgets, and
Judy corridor discusses some ways to deal with life with this concern.

The ebook Crystals and Sacred Sites, Use Crystals to Access the Power of Sacred Landscapes, is an attention-grabbing ebook the place you may uncover loads about many extraordinary locations that many potent stones originate from. If it’s essential to know extra learn my crystal ebook opinions right here.

Checkout these crystal books…

Combining It With Other Stones

Combine it with among the excessive crystal power stones. Stones equivalent to Phenacite, Herderite, Nirvana Quartz, Datolite, Natrolite, Stellar Beam Calcite, Star Hollandite Quartz, Scolecite or with Moldavite the inexperienced tektite, could also be useful.

Stones that additionally help you with connecting with angels equivalent to Elestial Quartz, Danburite, Prehnite, Celestite, Amphibole Quartz additionally referred to as Angel Phantom Quartz and Seraphinite might profit by being mixed with this stone.

Elestial QuartzElestial Quartz

You can also like to make use of it together with Nuummite (to assist emotional therapeutic), Shamanite Black Calcite or Shaman Stones.

Strong coronary heart primarily based stones such because the beautiful power of Pink Tugtupite or Pink Petalite intensify the loving coronary heart primarily based vibration of this stone.

Other stones that additionally activate the mind might profit from getting used with Cryolite, together with the opposite excessive vibration stones, Brookite, Phenacite, Natrolite, Tremolite, White Heulandite or Herderite.

It can be useful to make use of these white crystals with Prophecy Stones, Aurora Quartz, Astrophyllite, Apophyllite, Selenite Crystals or Sacred Light Stone.


Prophecy StoneProphecy Stone

Sacred Light StoneSacred Light Stone

Using this stone with the soul star chakra stones proven above is useful if you’re working in your religious progress, to assist with bringing extra religious gentle into the physique.

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