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Most individuals have a sneaking suspicion of what’s inhibiting their love life. Whether it’s an unhealthy relationship with an ex, an unwillingness to be weak, a worry of rejection or a large porcelain doll assortment, all of us have our personal theories with regards to that nagging query: Why can’t I discover love?

What could also be much less apparent are the Feng Shui love killers that exist inside your individual bed room. Feng Shui has a strong impression in your power. Many individuals don’t understand that the power they’re inviting into their bed room isn’t one conducive to a loving partnership. Today, I’m going to speak about utilizing Feng Shui symbols to draw love, and all of the issues to keep away from if you’d like like to flourish in your house.

Right about now, chances are you’ll be asking, “How can the placement of my bed or the kind of art that I have in my bedroom affect my relationship?” It’s all about notion. You could not acknowledge it, however when you have got your mattress pushed up in opposition to a wall in order that it’s solely accessible from one facet, that sends a message that your relationship is much less accessible to 1 celebration. Or take into consideration the artwork in your bed room. Do the items depict couples, or are they primarily portraits of particular person individuals? Listen, I really like the colourful self-portraits of Frida Kahlo as a lot as any artwork lover, however the cause I recommend eradicating photos like these from the bed room is that they don’t painting a loving bond—and that’s the power you wish to domesticate within the bed room. So each ingredient of utilizing Feng Shui to draw love, although it might appear on the market or fully minute, is rooted within the concept of shifting your house to carry symbols of ardour and partnership. If you’re able to get began, let’s undergo your room step-by-step to rework your love Feng Shui!

Love Feng Shui: All the Do’s, Don’ts and Crystal Tips You Need to Know

Enhance Love With These Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Your Bed

As I discussed, the mattress performs an essential position within the power of your room. You spend lots of time in your mattress, so that you must just be sure you’re laying in your most splendid place to reinforce your love Feng Shui. This means:

Use Light Colored Sheets: When it involves Feng Shui bed room colours, for those who’re seeking to entice love, you wish to have a lighter shade scheme. Sheets which can be pink, white or pastel hues have a extra loving and welcoming vibe. Black or darker coloured sheets create a closed off power, so if in case you have darkish sheets, think about switching it up!
Avoid Sleeping Under Beams: Try to not sleep beneath a beam that divides the mattress. This represents a division between you and your accomplice. If you may, cowl the beam with a curtain. You’re additionally going to need your sheets to have a lightweight, inviting shade, like white or pink.
Have Space Around the Bed: Having house across the mattress ensures that it’s equally simple for each you and a accomplice to get into mattress. So in case your mattress is flush in opposition to a wall, attempt transferring it out for simpler entry.

How to Cleanse Your Bed’s Energy

Even the mattress ought to be energetically cleansed. Ideally, you’d do away with the mattress that you just shared with any accomplice you’re now not with, as that is believed that will help you transfer on from the recollections hooked up to it. However, mattresses are costly, so I understand that not everybody goes to have the ability to do that post-breakup. Instead, you may open the home windows of your room, let as a lot gentle in as potential, strip your mattress and unfold 2 to three dozen white rose petals over your naked mattress. In every of the 4 corners of your mattress, place a jar full of equal components salt and water on the ground. Leave this in place all day to permit the salt + roses to purify and uplift the power of the mattress. Then sage the house to cleanse away any leftover power from the previous relationship. Take the petals off your mattress and return them to the soil of the Earth. Get rid of the salt water by merely pouring it into your rest room and flushing it away.

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You additionally wish to keep away from mirrors when tricking out your finest Feng Shui bed room setup. If you have got a mirror that creates a double picture of your mattress, it’s believed that it represents a 3rd celebration interference. That might be something from a nosy member of the family to an intrusive good friend. To hold exterior influences out of your bed room, take away mirrors or cowl the mirrors with a material if you’re not utilizing them.


The artwork in your bed room ought to encourage pleasure, and have a loving relationship. Empty landscapes or photos of 1 individual, as fairly as they might be, will not be splendid for cultivating love on this house. Find artwork that makes you content and symbolizes the love you want to entice or keep.


Obviously, you need your relationship to be one lively. Having useless vegetation in your house doesn’t precisely convey that message. Remove any useless vegetation from contained in the room or exterior the entrance door for higher love Feng Shui. In common, it’s endorsed that for a Feng Shui bed room, you don’t have vegetation within the room in any respect. If you do, hold them additional away from the mattress in order to not fire up too full of life an power.

Decorate in Two’s

When you enhance in pairs, it establishes steadiness and concord throughout the house. The splendid Feng Shui bed room can have two nightstands on both facet of the mattress, two lamps, and every thing like candles and crystals set in pairs.

Crystal Pairs

You typically wish to have crystals in pairs with regards to a complete Feng Shui bed room. It creates nice love Feng Shui to see pairings all through the room. Try to not overwhelm the house with an excessive amount of crystal power, and stick to simply the important stones you’re known as to in the intervening time. That means a Selenite below the mattress for power cleaning, crystals for sleep on the night time stand (corresponding to Amethyst and Celestite), and your love Feng Shui crystals within the love quadrant of your bed room.

To discover the love quadrant of your bed room, go to the doorway of your room and look to the far proper nook. That’s your love quadrant, and the place your love crystal pairs ought to be positioned.

Suggested Love Crystal Pairs

Rose Quartz + Amethyst: For love and rest.
Rose Quartz + Amazonite: For love and pleasure.
Rose Quartz + Aventurine: For love and luck.

As you may see, Rose Quartz is a MUST. As the stone of affection, Rose Quartz will work to revive your coronary heart power and fill your spirit with light therapeutic vibes. It’s the most effective stone you may have in your Feng Shui bed room. I like to recommend pairing Rose Quartz with both Amethyst, Aventurine or Amazonite. It simply is dependent upon the power you wish to domesticate in your spirit and love life.

Amethyst harmonizes nicely with light power of Rose Quartz. With its stress-free and clarifying power, Amethyst soothes the spirit in order that it might probably recharge on the finish of an extended day. Amazonite additionally companions nicely with the loving power of Rose Quartz. You’ll need this pairing in your house for those who’re seeking to create a enjoyable loving ambiance. For luck in love, the pair you need in your bed room are Rose Quartz and Aventurine. Aventurine brings in success and can make sure that your love life at all times has luck on its facet.

One further tip for these seeking to go the additional mile in utilizing their Feng Shui bed room to draw love, is to have a pair of mandarin geese in your room. Mandarin Ducks are an emblem of lasting love. Because they’re identified to mate for all times, Mandarin Ducks have symbolized love and dedication in China for hundreds of years. Our crystal Mandarin Ducks are carved out of Rose Quartz and Aventurine for added loving power.

If you’re responsible of those love Feng Shui fake pas, don’t fear! Just make the mandatory adjustments, and see the way it impacts your power. Remember, an important factor to concentrate on is bringing love and steadiness into your coronary heart. Having a bed room that fills you with love and a way of concord will will let you higher method the remainder of your day. So begin making these little shifts in your room to see main shifts in your life!

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