Magic & Good Luck or Dark Night of The Soul


A Stone of Duality That Attracts Powerful Magic & Good Luck

Written By Liz Oakes

Merlinite is a stone that pulls highly effective magic and good luck into your life, and is recognized to stimulate deep instinct, psychic figuring out and non secular mediumship.

The vibration of this stone is very shamanistic, because it means that you can entry the power of the pure world and talk with elemental beings.


It will help you to entry greater non secular power, and is stated to conjure the reminiscences of alchemists and wizards, such because the wizard Merlin from Arthurian occasions. 

It may additionally enable you to to make contact with guides and academics within the greater realms. It a stone of concord that aids the start of creativity and clear psychic visions.

This is a stone of duality, of black and white, gentle and darkish, magic, good luck and darkish night time of the soul.  But
it isn’t solely a stone for the sunshine, as it might can help you expertise
‘darkish night time of the soul’ facets of your higher-self.

It may additionally take
you to locations the place you make contact with the
deeper, darker components of your self.

Where Does Dendritic Opal Come From?

Merlinite is black and white, though its black coloration ranges from darkish gray to bluish-black. It is quite a lot of Dendritic Opal, and typically has an opalescent sheen.

This stone at present comes from just one mine in New Mexico, and this can be a commerce identify for a selected number of stone that comes from this one mine.

What is Merlinite?

This crystal might include a mix of white chalcedony or white quartz, black dendritic inclusions and black Psilomelane, relying on the person stone. The black could also be Psilomelane or Romanechite, or it might be Black
Dendritic inclusions throughout the stone.
These dendritic inclusions
resemble a leafy plant, just like a fern and are straightforward to identify. The Psilomelane is a black mineral that may be a manganese oxide.MerliniteMerlinite Crystal

Please Note: This isn’t the identical stone that they’re calling Mystic Merlinite.

Merlinite is a unique stone altogether from the stone that I’m
speaking about right here, though they do have some attributes in frequent. Discover extra about Mystic Merlinite right here.

Why Would You Use Merlinite?

There are numerous explanation why you may use Merlinite together with:

This lovely stone has a vibration that helps to advertise non secular development.
It blends heavenly and earthly power, and it lets you stay open and approachable.Merlinite assists you to embrace issues that occur, which can be completely different to your regular way of life your life.
It is a powerful non secular stone with the vibration of duality, that means that it’s going to enable you to to steadiness the masculine and female power inside
your self, and higher perceive the facets of God and the Goddess.MerliniteLarge Merlinite Piece

These stones resonate strongly throughout the third eye chakra, and are useful to make use of to help your non secular development, as they permit spirit academics to come back by to this airplane to work with you.

It’s power will can help you entry the spirit world, and it’s recognized to help the event of mediumistic skills and psychic figuring out.

They are useful therapeutic crystals so that you can encourage you to make contact with the spirit of these on the opposite facet of the veil. 

It might help you to entry the Akashic information, and to deliver messages again for residing relations.

These stones are notably helpful to make use of to spice up the power of different stones of a decrease vibration. Merlinite is thought to stimulate clairvoyance, clairsentience and automated writing.

How Will It Help You?

Merlinite will enable you to in numerous methods corresponding to:

They are highly effective stones to help investigation of previous lives, and particularly will encourage you to expertise previous sad previous life reminiscences. This is essential as typically what you expertise can present you photographs that could be damaging and really disturbing. The fairly wonderful photographs that these stone has the potential to can help you deliver by, will not be all the time straightforward to expertise. These stones additionally enhance the incidence of coincidences and synchronicity, so this might enable you to to work out the that means of what you see.MerliniteDendritic Opal aka Merlinite Crystal

Using the information of each gentle and darkish to deliver whole understanding of who you might be, is the supply of enlightenment.

These stones are dualistic in nature, and should take you on a journey to the deeper and darker facets of your self.

As they enable you to to have a extra approachable outlook, this will help you to deal with the expertise, and be taught to make use of the decrease energies to steadiness your self as you combine them into whole being.

Fortunately Merlinite stones will help you to grasp your self, and to stay goal. The darkish night time of the soul experiences that this stone evokes could also be vivid and fairly graphic.

How To Use It

Merlinite is simple to purchase, and this can be a stone that aids journey out of the physique and imaginative and prescient quests of a shamanistic nature. It might take you to particular location and to go to particular individuals there.

This crystal was named after the wizard Merlin, due to its
particular attributes to draw magical and mystical experiences into
your life.

MerliniteMerlinite often known as Dendritic Opal

Merlinite will can help you take journeys to previous lives within the occasions when Merlin and King Arthur lived.  By opening up your clairvoyant skills
it means that you can see clear psychic visions.

Note: You must particularly direct your journey for it to achieve success. If you want to get you to the place you wish to go, merely hoping for the perfect won’t make you succeed.

It takes particular in-depth working with this stone for the sort of journey to achieve success. Make positive you retain psychic safety stones on you when you are doing this work.

If you sleep with one in all
these stones below your pillow, it’s possible you’ll discover that you’ve got extra restful
sleep. You may additionally expertise vivid goals of previous lives, particularly
these you skilled within the Arthurian occasions.

Keep In Mind The End Result…

Merlinite jewellery has a stunning look and is highly effective to put on, to maneuver your development ahead extra rapidly. 

Be conscious that some items of knickknack created from this stone could also be bought as Dendritic quartz or Dendritic opal, as these are names that this stone is named.

Merlinite PendantMerlinite Pendant

It is getting simpler to search out pretty birthstones jewellery as you will discover it listed on the zodiac birthstone checklist. They are potent instruments for studying extra about your function on this life.

By retaining in thoughts the tip outcome, it’s possible you’ll assist your greater self to let go of karmic conditions.

Once you’ve gotten cleared the accrued negativity, use them frequently to maintain your self clear, and put on them in your physique for finest outcomes.

If they can be utilized with a constructive way of thinking, they could permit you
to clear negativity and rid your self of deep previous life issues and
karma that you’ve got been unable to launch another approach.

By carrying Aquarius birthstone jewellery created from this stone, this can enable you to to profit from this vibration on a everyday foundation.

Who Should Use It?

Working throughout the photo voltaic plexus or energy chakra, these stones assist to stimulate your creativity.

They will help you to entry greater non secular power they usually additionally enable you to to develop an open and approachable approach of seeing life.

This stones power vibrates strongly throughout the sacral or navel chakra.

This is the realm of the physique the place you may develop the items of clairsentience or clear seeing and the place you may assist to create stronger intuitive items. It
additionally stimulates your instinct, psychic figuring out and non secular

Dendritic Opal PendantDendritic Opal Pendant

It will steadiness the masculine and female power inside
your self, and enable you to to higher perceive the facets of the duality
of God and the Goddess. 

These are constructive stones to help you to boost your creativity, and they’ll increase your organizational skills.

Merlinite or Dendritic Opal stones might appeal to magic and good luck into your life, however it might additionally take you to locations the place you make contact with the darker facets of your self.

It might take you on a voyage to the darkish night time of the soul, and can help you perceive the darker facets of your soul-self and particular previous life experiences.

“If you surrender to the wind you can ride it.” Toni Morrison.

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Combining It With Other Stones

These crystals have the potential to help you to speak with nature spirits.

By combining them with different stones that even have these qualities, this  might assist to strengthen this facet.

For this function, use it with stones corresponding to Moss Agate, Tree Agate, Green Tourmaline, Seraphinite, Green Apophyllite, Fuchsite, Rainforest Jasper, Muscovite and Prasiolite to spice up this power.

Chlorite Phantom QuartzChlorite Phantom Quartz

Tree AgateTree Agate

Green ApophylliteGreen Apophyllite

Both Amethyst and Sugilite may even increase its capability to stimulate psychic items.

If your purpose is use this stone to help you to entry to the Akashic information, use it together with Chiastolite, Axinite, Euclase, Black Andradite Garnet, Heulandite, Shaman Stones, Creedite, Cavansite, Petrified Wood, Goethite or Blue Apatite.


To increase your magical items mix this stone with different crystals that improve mystical and magical skills, corresponding to Labradorite, Heliodor, Mordenite, Maori Greenstone aka Bowenite, Nuummite, Black Onyx, Chalcopyrite or Hypersthene.

Natural Black OnyxNatural Black Onyx

For growing instinct  it’s possible you’ll select to mix this stone with robust stones to assist to strengthen your instinct.

Stones corresponding to Wavellite, Chalcopyrite, Vivianite, Clear Quartz Crystals, Mookaite Jasper or Rainbow Moonstone are good decisions.


Shungite is a potent stone to help you to deliver by the wizard Merlin, because it resonates with historic non secular energies.

Another potent stone that you could be like to make use of to help you to entry previous lives in Celtic Britain is Preseli Bluestone.

If you might be utilizing these stones particularly for shamanic journeying,
different stones to mix with them embrace Shaman Stones, Iolite,
Fulgurite and Covellite. Use it with Moldavite to lift this stone’s
vibration even greater.

Because these are robust stones for doing previous life work, the place you
might have psychic safety, it’s best to all the time mix this stone
with psychic safety stones.

Protection stones that mix nicely are Sugilite, Amethyst Crystals, Obsidian Stone or Black Tourmaline.


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