Opens third Eye Aids Powerful Spiritual Visions


A Crystal For The New Age, Aids Powerful Spiritual Visions

Written By Liz Oakes

Atacamite is effectively often called a robust stone for the upper chakras and in many individuals it’s identified to dynamically act to assist them to open their third eye.

You might discover that even holding it in your hand chances are you’ll make contact with the non secular realm and its motion is well-known to assist you to develop psychic skills.

AtacamiteAtacamite On Matrix

Many individuals who work with this inexperienced stone converse of its motion to assist them to have superb psychic visions. One of one of the best methods to make use of this stone is to meditate with it daily.

This stone was found pretty just lately, and many individuals are working with it to totally uncover its qualities.

What is understood is that it has a wonderful therapeutic motion inside the throat chakra and can be a robust coronary heart based mostly stone, helping you to draw love into your life.

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Where Is It From? Atacamite Meaning

The that means of the title of Atacamite pertains to the realm the place it was first discovered.

It was named for the Atacama Desert in Chile, however since then it has additionally been present in Mexico and the USA, in addition to in fairly numerous places in Australia.

Many items have beautiful inexperienced crystals, situated on a deep brown matrix. In these specimens, the energy of the matrix stone, on which the crystals sit additionally has sturdy vitality.

The weathering of the stone in fairly arid desert circumstances is believed to have created it. 

Many specimens of Atacamite are very stunning, with some having deep inexperienced crystals interspersed inside the matrix in addition to on prime of it,  which is sort of engaging.

If you have a look at the picture of the stone beneath you will notice beautiful glittering darkish inexperienced crystalline areas, together with the lighter inexperienced areas. The precise crystals may additionally be on prime of a base mineral.

Many specimens of Atacamite appear to be extra copper based mostly, with clearly and predominantly inexperienced shade in them, though they might have some small blue areas inside the stone.


It might have the same look to Chrysocolla on some elements of the stone, and is understood to be a combination of assorted minerals, coming to collectively to create a very new stone.

It is alleged to be associated to fairly a couple of stones, and like Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite mixtures, and like many copper based mostly stones it could have totally different minerals entwined inside the stone.

is a stone which will come mixed with varied different pure crystals
which will have an effect on its general vibration, and be of profit to you.

Why Would You Use Atacamite?

While utilizing Atacamite Stone and experiencing lots of its non secular traits, you get a really feel for its general metaphysical qualities. 

Used inside the throat space it aids communication and self expression. It is alleged to assist the immune system and the thymus gland, and can help the thyroid gland and produce vitality to the physique.


This is a good looking stone that promotes confidence and self motivation from a coronary heart based mostly perspective, and likewise brings a rise in emotions of enthusiasm and independence.

What we additionally know is that in plenty of folks it will probably forcefully open the third eye, and it’s identified to assist them to expertise extraordinary psychic visions.

The vibration of this stone means that you can floor your vitality to the earth star chakra, in addition to taking you to the best ranges.

It works inside the coronary heart and the upper coronary heart or thymus chakra, aiding you to draw extra love into your life.

Most inexperienced stones can have coronary heart chakra vitality, but my expertise of this stone is that Atacamite appears to work on the entire chakras.

Its distinctive vitality will resonate inside the the thymus or greater coronary heart chakra, the guts chakra, the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, all areas that support your non secular development.

How Will Atacamite Help You?

It is likely one of the birthstones for the Sagittarius star signal, so it’s will after all be discovered on the record of the entire birthstones that relate to the zodiac.


This stone is useful to develop your creativity and should increase altruistic
emotions. It can be stated to strengthen each the female and male
reproductive organs and it has motion inside the decrease chakras.

They are helpful therapeutic crystals so that you can use particularly inside the sacral or navel chakra. Used there, the vitality of those stones could also be particularly useful because it’s vibration works to assist the kidneys.

They are identified to assist elimination, particularly of concern based mostly toxins.  As an increasing number of of the stone is made out there you’ll find will probably be offered as jewellery.

This deep inexperienced shade is sort of prevalent amongst most specimens, however there have additionally been items discovered with varied different colours inside them.  Colors embrace blues and reds with the inexperienced, which might make beautiful jewellery.


It’s vitality additionally might assist to eradicate herpes, so if it is a drawback for you it is perhaps of worth to you.

It has a beautiful really feel to it, and though it does have a tremendous vitality inside the greater chakras, it has a particular coronary heart chakra vitality.

How To Use It

When utilizing it for meditation
it might be helpful to make use of it pretty steadily till you adapt to its
vitality, particularly if in case you have not skilled sturdy vitality earlier than.

It is a wonderful stone to make use of if you find yourself doing all your day by day crystal meditation, as this lets you make use of its extra spectacular nature.

As it’s more likely to take you to the upper realms, chances are you’ll develop into ungrounded.

If you discover you’re dizzy or really feel spacey, ensure you maintain one of many sturdy grounding stones in your hand afterwards to floor you.

You might discover that whenever you decide it up, your psychic listening to or clairaudient skills might come to life.

This can occur immediately in some folks, significantly when clairaudience is your major psychic reward.

It is alleged that if in case you have not already opened your third eye that it
will forcefully do that, and it could support you to extra simply obtain contact together with your spirit information.

is a stone that I like to recommend for anybody who desires to develop their
clairvoyant skills. It brings by way of highly effective visible photos, even
if it isn’t your predominant psychic reward.

It is understood to assist
you to ‘see’ extra clearly, by way of your psychic imaginative and prescient. So it is a highly effective benefit for
those that need to intensify their experiences of this potential.

It works on the third eye chakra and inside the pineal gland, and
will intensify your connections to your greater self and to your guides,
as your psychic visible skills open extra totally.

If you utilize it for a short while every day, chances are you’ll adapt extra simply to its vitality, and have much less unwanted side effects.


As we be taught extra about Atacamite crystal and extra of the stone turns into out there, will probably be a stone that will likely be extensively used, as it really works on so many areas on the similar time.

I imagine that this stone has come to our consideration presently as a result of it’s wanted by all of us, as we head ahead into this decade, engaged on our general non secular growth and ascension.

We are reborn into this world each time we wake, and there may be day by day an opportunity to make a brand new begin, and reside a brand new life.

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Combining It With Other Stones

Some of one of the best stones to mix with it might be Black Obsidian, Fire Agate and Black Tourmaline, as these are additionally very protecting in opposition to psychic assault.

Even although this stone has a grounding vibration, if you’re utilizing this
stone for non secular growth it might be a good suggestion to additionally use
grounding stones.

Are you ungrounded? Check out the signs of being ungrounded, particularly if in case you have been utilizing excessive vibration stones so much.

The vibration of each this stone and different copper based mostly stones will likely be magnified by combining them collectively. You might like to mix this stone with any of the opposite copper based mostly stones.

This contains crystals reminiscent of the beautiful Ajoite in quartz, Green Dioptase, Turquoise, Covellite, Eilat Stone, the stone of King Solomon, Malachite, Shattuckite, Gem Silica, Chrysocolla or Cuprite.

Silver CupriteSilver Cuprite

Gem SilicaGem Silica

Many areas inside these stones look very very like Chrysocolla, which is alleged to be one of many minerals inside Atacamite.

The addition of the vitality of Chrysocolla in lots of specimens could also be why it’s identified to have sturdy coronary heart chakra vitality, and they’re wonderful used collectively.

More footage of Atacamite


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