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 Connects To The Heart Creates A Spiritual Link With Nature

Written By Liz Oakes

Prasiolite is the right identify for the inexperienced number of Amethyst. The impact that Green Amethyst has on many individuals is to create a profound connection to their increased self.

It’s vitality is just like the spirit of nature itself, embodied inside a good looking inexperienced quartz crystal. Although the inexperienced selection isn’t as properly often known as purple Amethyst, it has a
related degree of vitality.

PrasiolitePrasiolite aka Green Amethyst

Yet it’s a fairly totally different stone, and involves
you from a very coronary heart based mostly perspective. Its affect throughout the coronary heart will clear disharmonious vitality and open you, completely, to like and compassion.

By its immersion in hearth it adjustments to a brand new stone. This is an analogy for its function once we use it for non secular progress.

all quartz, these are fantastic therapeutic crystals so that you can use together with different
stones. Other stones vitality will probably be amplified by its contact with this
inexperienced quartz crystal.

Meaning Of Prasiolite… Where Is It From?

Green Amethyst might start its life as Purple Amethyst, however it might additionally merely type as a bit of pale inexperienced quartz.

It may even happen as a part of Amegreen, a stone that embodies each colours of Amethyst. As properly you might discover pretty gem high quality stones that are an nearly clear very pale inexperienced colour.

The colour of those stones does range, and they are often something from a leafy inexperienced by means of to a yellow inexperienced. 

The which means of the identify Prasiolite, comes from two Greek phrases, ‘prason’ which means ‘leek’, as its colour was thought to resemble that plant and ‘lithos’ from the Greek phrase which means ‘stones’.

Prasiolite or Green Amethyst is accessible on the market, regardless that it’s
not as widespread because the Purple Amethyst tumblestones, that are extra
generally discovered than the inexperienced stones.

The spelling of its identify can also be Praseolite, and each are appropriate, though the primary spelling is extra widespread. Deposits of this stone have been present in Brazil and within the USA.

purple Amethyst crystals could also be naturally remodeled into Green
Amethyst by the warmth throughout the earth. These days the same course of is completed artificially, by heating the stone in kilns.

This transformation can occur by means of the method of warmth naturally throughout the earth, probably from volcanic exercise. Fortunately it’s now simpler to purchase items of Green Amethyst stone.

Who Should Use It?

A strengthening of your relationship with the Divine thoughts is a pure consequence of its use. The
particular present of Prasiolite is to carry your focus to a very coronary heart
based mostly perspective.

The consequence will probably be that you’ll really expertise the
sturdy, loving and harmonious energies that can move into your life.

PrasiolitePrasiolite aka Green Amethyst

Just just like the purple number of Amethyst it could stimulate progress of what
are termed psychic talents.

Its vitality might help you with studying to be psychic, because it stimulates a deeper connection to the upper non secular points of your life.

Wearing This Truly Heart Based Crystal…

Wearing crystal jewellery made out of this attractive inexperienced stone is very really useful, and it’s best to maintain it throughout the space of the chakras the place its vitality is most useful.

Green Amethyst jewellery is simple to purchase, and most respected jewellery shops have lovely items of this stone made into a variety of kinds.

PrasioliteFaceted Prasiolite Gemstone Earrings

Prasiolite pendants are useful as they maintain the stone near the center chakra, the place it might resonate its lovely coronary heart based mostly vitality. Green Amethyst earrings are additionally extremely useful.

Locating them on the ears, retains their vitality nearer to the third eye and crown chakras, the place they might stimulate your internal imaginative and prescient. 

But having a bit of this stone wherever in your physique will probably be useful. Allow your self to completely make the reference to the pure world, and Mother Gaia.

Why Would You Use It? 

Prasiolite is a member of the quartz crystal household, so it’s a sturdy
amplifier of vitality. It is a robust stone to make the most of inside your each day crystal meditation.

You would possibly wish to put on it together with the purple Amethyst crystals and that is useful when you need the amplification of any of your non secular items.

Using any amethyst selection can have a optimistic affect in your
spirituality and well being. This inexperienced stone is a wide range of Amethyst and
so carries lots of the qualities of the purple Amethyst Crystals.

Prasiolite will help you to specific private emotion, and it’ll
hyperlink the vitality of the center with the crown chakra.

PrasioliteBeautiful Transparent Gem Quality Prasiolite

It will open each
the crown chakra and the third eye and activate your internal imaginative and prescient. Not
solely will it carry by means of the various increased non secular qualities of the
pretty purple Amethyst crystals, however it additionally hyperlinks downwards.

This might activate the desire, because it vibrates throughout the photo voltaic plexus or energy chakra. This encourages you to take the motion that’s stimulated by Prasiolite’s presence in your life. 

It prompts the vitality of the center chakra, and opens you spiritually to nature, and to Mother earth.

How To Use It

Whether you select Prasiolite or Purple Amethyst crystal, you’ll profit from protecting their sturdy crystal vitality inside your aura. 

You would possibly wish to put on the inexperienced selection together with purple Amethyst crystals, and that is useful when you need the amplification of any of your non secular items.


Wearing Green Amethyst jewellery reminiscent of a Prasiolite bracelet is a good suggestion for all of you. Its presence on the arm retains this pretty stones vitality throughout the space that’s near the center chakra.

Wearing a Green Amethyst ring or necklace would even be useful and are pretty to put on, and though they turning into extra prevalent, they aren’t as widespread because the Purple Amethyst. 

Using any of the amethyst varieties has the potential to have a optimistic affect on your spirituality and well being.

“Far away, there in the sunshine, are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and follow where they lead.” Louisa May Alcott.

Crystal Books

The crystal books which are proven beneath are just some of the various in-depth crystal reference books.

There are numerous books written by Judy Hall each about crystals and associated topics, and they’re well-written and straightforward to know.

On my e book evaluation web page there’s a part particularly made for folks simply beginning out, in addition to many critiques of books for those that are in search of extra in-depth books.

Read the critiques my favourite crystal books, if you would like to know extra a couple of vary of books about crystals.

Combining It With Other Stones

Pink Danburite combines fantastically with this pretty inexperienced quartz crystal. Danburite is a excessive crystal vitality stone that makes a good looking reference to the angelic realm and collectively they might support gentle physique activation.

Like Green Amethyst it’s also a coronary heart based mostly stone, and Danburite combines and harmonizes properly with this pretty inexperienced crystal, to create therapeutic inside you, each bodily and spiritually.

To improve your contact with elemental beings, you might select to mix Prasiolite with Staurolite also called Fairy Stones, Seriphos Green Quartz, Fuchsite, Green Apophyllite, Rainforest Jasper or Seraphinite, Green Moss Agate, Muscovite and Merlinite.

Green ApophylliteGreen Apophyllite

Use it with Amegreen to intensify the Green Amethyst vibration inside that stone. It additionally combines properly with Sunstones. Use these two crystals collectively throughout meditation for glorious outcomes.

To make it easier to with creating clairvoyant talents, use it with stones which are significantly useful to assist you to develop psychic visions.

Crystals reminiscent of Turquoise, Hollandite Quartz, Blue Sapphire, Magnesite, Lapis Lazuli or Rainbow Moonstone could also be useful.

More Photos Of This Stone


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