The Challenges of Home Dialysis


“I live a normal, productive life,” Mr. Reynolds mentioned, “and I’m determined to make this work.”

It took 5 operations to implant a catheter on his left facet due to scarring from earlier belly surgical procedures. He has needed to substitute three malfunctioning dialysis machines and discover ways to sleep on his proper facet, so the tube related to his catheter isn’t compressed.

In the morning, his spouse, Norma, cleans round his catheter, applies a gauze bandage and tapes an 18-inch extender hooked up to the catheter to his chest. He might do that, Mr. Reynolds mentioned, however “I wanted her to have some part in all this.”

In December 2003, when Letisha Wadsworth began dwelling hemodialysis in Brooklyn, N.Y., she was working at a social service company and needed to maintain her job. Doing dialysis within the night made that doable.

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This remedy requires one to 2 months of schooling and coaching for the affected person and, normally, a care companion. With every therapy, two needles are caught in an entry level, normally in a vein in a affected person’s arm. Through strains related to the needles, blood is pumped out of the affected person and thru a machine, the place it’s cleansed and waste merchandise are eliminated, earlier than being pumped again into the physique.

The coaching was “rigorous” and “pretty scary for both of us,” mentioned Mrs. Wadsworth, now 70, whose husband, Damon, accompanied her. “We learned a lot, but we still didn’t know about issues that could arise.”

For occasion, Mrs. Wadsworth needed to be taught what to do if air obtained into one of many strains and when to regulate the speed at which her blood was pumped and flowed via the machine.



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