The Name of God Is Not a Word and extra


The Name of God Is Not a Word

The title of God
will not be a phrase.

The Incas knew
that God is a form.

In the start,
was Logos.
The origin of all type.

There is a universe
that comes from
all issues. A lord of
the dance. An evolution
of motion.

How will you come into the dance?

As one?
Swirled into constructions
hiding and in search of?

Forgetting what the sport is all about?

Tuesday Evening Tango

Like a spring-fed brook,
I don’t wish to stay without end.

Deeply cleft, grey-green, with
lichens bent by the wind,

I wish to die
washed in burgundy.

Like the melody of a mourning
warbler pumping within the placenta.

I wish to exist. That’s it. As the vegetation
Solitary and fluid.

The feeling of frost on a leaf-littered
boulder and the odor of gooseberries

No, I don’t wish to stay without end.

Better to be mere arousal—
that have to Tango on a Tuesday night.

We Grew This Way

We grew this manner,
we’re this type of species.
Unmarked. Lost from the hive.
Barely residing off the solar.
Sometimes stealing from the solar.
We grew this manner,
we’re this type of species.
With unlaced sneakers, uncombed
hair, handmade indicators and machine-
like superegos as soon as as large as Texas.

Emerald City

Seattle is a cute blonde
carrying flannel pajamas;

as she reads Popular Science
and drinks a Guinness by
the harbor. Fog-soaked and

slower than San Francisco,
she was dragged throughout
the gravel of time, like a protracted
pause in an previous sermon.

Seattle is a submerged feeling
known as grunge: a misinterpretation

of borders and all the things else.

Socrates Saying Yes

Kierkegaard mentioned it’s both or.
Free soloing rock climbers know that a lot.

Either you step into the fracture and stay or
you miss the grip and die. There is not any gray zone,
not less than not with regards to climbing El Capitan
with out ropes or touchdown on the floor of the Moon.

To get again will not be a principle. You both do otherwise you
don’t. Life will not be easy, however selecting is.

You both do otherwise you don’t. To select is all the time
an indication that there’s a selection, and that selection is all the time
between a sure and a no. Do I keep or do I am going? 
Like Socrates saying sure to the hemlock.

Our Own

The established order is killing our soul.
Life will not be about paying the mortgage.

It will not be OK that your cousin works at
the bomb manufacturing facility. It doesn’t matter that they
name it an built-in manufacturing centre.

We are slowly being cooked by the schemes
of regular. Normal will not be electing a president
who grew to become wealthy for constructing failed casinos and
a star for firing folks on a “reality” television present.

The established order is killing our soul. It will not be all about retiring.
What in life retires? If an elephant seal retires, it will likely be eaten by an orca.

Nothing about the established order is working. You know we don’t
have to have enemies. If we select, we are able to love everybody.
That’s not insane. That’s simply an choice.

You know, I may even love ISIS if I wish to. Or even Hitler. I can love
something and anybody, at any time. I can love. Fascism is the denial of affection.

You know that you’re in a fascist state when the “leaders” inform
you who could be cherished and underneath what circumstances.

Let me be clear: I don’t love ISIS or Hitler. I select to hate them.
But nobody can inform me that I can’t love them if I wish to.

The established order is suffocating us. There is nothing OK with the way in which we store.
Plastic inside the plastic. Consuming as a lot plastic as attainable simply because
it’s on sale. That’s insane. Cyclones taking down whole international locations. Floods drowning
Nebraska. Weather uncontrolled. The future made irrelevant by a pack of pundits.

Just a bunch of individuals casting votes that guarantee we’ll mess the place up a bit ahead of anticipated.
Is that standard? Is that what we have been born to inherit? Is that value it?

If we’re alive, another person isn’t. Do we’ve an obligation
to inform them that we care about having a life we all know is our personal?

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picture: George Payne



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