three meditations on humanity and the Earth


Be love and be free

Beyond this veil of separation is an everlasting reality that we’re all one. For all of the ‘isms’ that divide are nothing greater than illusions that blind our souls from the infinite internet of being.

If you doubt that we’re all one, take a stroll by means of majestic inexperienced forests or have your breath swept away atop sacred mountains that command your soul to observe the best way right into a acutely aware stream of consciousness.

Misty green forest

Tune your interior voice to the vastness of that area throughout the depths of your prayers and meditations. Come to know that, in the long run, it makes little distinction whom you pray to or meditate upon. For Christ, Buddha, Ram, Shiva, Muhammad and The Great Mystery are all simply names for enlightened states of consciousness that take us past the folds of separation and into the timeless move of now.

All our discuss discovering world peace is simply speak—if we fail to seek out that peace inside ourselves. Now is the time for every of us to rise above petty conflicts of ego and embrace in full our frequent humanity. Only then might we assume our humble place within the cosmos as a unified collective of non secular beings.

Now can also be the time to stop our careless disregard for the Earth and
honour our Mother as that omnipresent supply of magnificence and divine knowledge. For
all good issues on this world aren’t attainable with out her steerage, love and

Finally, now’s the time to look inside and see that you simply comprise the whole universe inside you, and that you simply replicate its inborn seeds of illuminated gentle and peace. Now is the time to be love and be free.

Two ranges, one instructor

Two people partway up a mountain with a snow-capped peak

Two mountain ranges evolve over time. Both come up from the identical spark of creation, however characterize completely different qualities of their Creator.

The taller, vaster, youthful and extra rugged of the 2 ranges speaks to the spirit of journey and youthful exuberance. With its tall, snow-capped peaks, jagged terrain and chilly winters, this vary attracts in these youthful spirits who see in these mountains the metaphorical problem to beat their fears and obtain their hopes and goals.

Due to this vary’s imposing landscapes, lots of its inhabitants
select to reside alongside the periphery moderately than throughout the cradle of those
nice and provoking mountains. Captivated by its majestic summits, many younger
folks migrate right here to meet their quest for journey and to attain
private transformation.

The smaller, homier, historical and fewer rugged of the 2 ranges speaks to the spirit of deep-rootedness and refined knowledge. With its lush inexperienced forests, smooth rolling hills and warmth-inviting local weather; this vary attracts these reflective souls who discover, in these densely-wooded mountains, the solitude wanted for meditation upon the everlasting self.

Due to this vary’s gentler sliding slopes and ridges, lots of its inhabitants stay throughout the coronary heart of those beautiful blue mountains. While much less younger folks might migrate right here than to the previous vary, those that do lay down deep and everlasting roots just like the rhododendrons and mountain laurels that present the vary’s humble grounding.

The spirit of journey, youthful exuberance, deep-rootedness and refined knowledge are all core sides of our interior journey alongside the trail to self-realization. The qualities of every of those two nice mountain ranges, then, function pure contemplative reflections of our personal states of being.

Each additionally reminds us that we should at all times heed the decision of our interior youngster to ascend the rarefied peaks of knowledge that comes with expertise and age.

Mountain heaven

Sunset at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

It was a good looking day exterior. The birds had been singing, the solar was shining brightly and a cool autumn breeze swept throughout the countryside.

I used to be climbing with my expensive buddy Jamie, again down the forested service highway 316, a stunning path within the coronary heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. We’d walked about six miles (about 9.6 kilometres) and had been 20 minutes from my automobile when the Divine absolutely introduced itself.

We’d stopped to smoke a little bit of herb and to replicate on our inspiring journey. To commemorate the second, I expressed to Jamie that I wanted to recite a number of prayers I’d compiled over the previous week.

The assortment included sacred Buddhist, Sioux Indian, Hindu, Sufi and Christian invocations to the Absolute. I opened my journal and commenced to learn the primary strains from the Buddhist-Loving Kindness choice:

“May all beings be free from hazard
May all beings be free from psychological struggling…”

At the precise second I recited these strains, a pack of wolves started howling in unison with the prayer. The tone of their soulful expressions was each haunting and superior. The hairs on our necks stood at full consideration. It felt as if the wolves had been inside our souls, enjoying their heart-stringed devices.

Because it was nearing sundown, I instantly positioned my beloved canine companion, Abbie, on leash and completed reciting the Buddhist prayer. I then listened … mesmerized. After a minute or two, the primal sounds of howling stopped.

Jamie and I glanced at each other in silent recognition of this divine second. Chills went down our spines, because it grew to become evident to us that the Infinite was talking by means of the wolves.

What had been these loyal beings making an attempt to convey? Oneness. Unity. Stillness. Sacred Earth Connection.

As we continued our stroll again all the way down to the automobile, the vitality of the forest felt significantly heightened and pure. Soon, the wonderful solar started to set over majestic blue mountains and I knew deep inside that my dwelling was heaven on Earth.

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picture 1: Pixabay; picture 2: Pixabay, picture three: Jody Claborn



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