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Written By Liz Oakes

Angelite is a beautiful blue stone with a peaceable vitality that’s calming and soothing. They are extraordinarily useful therapeutic crystals so that you can have in your assortment.

Many folks select to make use of it’s as a result of it each aids you
to attach with angels, and in quite a lot of folks could stimulate the start of psychic presents, and help channeling and mediumship.


They will profit you in quite a lot of methods together with to help you to make
contact with spirit guides. Like many blue stones they’re additionally robust communication stones.

They are useful as a result of their vibration could be very useful to assist contact with beings in
the upper realms and particularly with members of the angelic

Where Is It From? Angelite Meaning

The that means of this stones identify comes from its robust vibration to make contact with the angelic realm.

Maybe its cause for being found at the moment pertains to the necessity
for humanity to learn from its lovely vitality, that aids angelic

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Although this pretty blue stone was solely found comparatively
lately, as soon as it was present in one place it was found in different

Angelite is a kind of blue Anhydrite gypsum that was initially present in Peru. It has since been present in Britain, Germany, Poland, Libya, Egypt and Mexico.

Its shade is often medium to pale blue, however some items could also be bluish white or white in shade, with the occasional tiny pink Hematite inclusions.

It seems to be so much like Blue Calcite, but it surely has a distinct look, as it’s denser and fairly opaque.

Although it’s mentioned that it may be discovered as crystals, these are fairly unusual and it’s extra prone to be seen within the huge kind.

Why Would You Use It?

The vibration of this pretty blue stone has a wonderful motion inside the throat chakra the place its vitality is well-known for its motion to enhance communication skills.

It additionally resonates inside the third
eye chakra and crown chakra. This is a beautiful blue stone with a relaxing and soothing vibration.

It could assist to alleviate pressure, anger and stress and it
is especially useful at occasions when it’s possible you’ll be discovering it emotionally
tough to deal with the state of affairs it’s possible you’ll end up in.

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AngeliteRaw Angelite

One of its robust attributes is that it
will allow you to to make contact with the angelic realm and can help you
with discovering your spirit information.

This could assist to clarify why Angelite is
useful to assist angelic contact and should stimulate the start of psychic

While in a common means this can be a robust communication stone, Angelite
particularly aids religious primarily based communication.

One of the methods it might allow you to is to kindle the start of a capability to make contact with spirits from the opposite aspect of the veil, generally known as mediumship or channeling.

It has a wonderful motion on the throat chakra, which is the place communication skills emerge. This crystal could intensify psychic communication in quite a lot of alternative ways.

This stones vitality could also be useful to help you to contact family members who’ve handed over, and to convey by their vitality to assist emotional therapeutic.

It can also stimulate psychological telepathy as effectively
because the reward of psychic visions generally generally known as clairvoyance.

It can
help you to convey data by from spirit in quite a lot of methods,
together with aiding you when doing automated writing.

Healing Action Of Blue Anhydrite

This pretty blue crystal is a robust therapeutic stone in quite a lot of
methods includign:

In specific this crystal will allow you to in case you are feeling grief from
the lack of a beloved one. Within the throat chakra this stones vitality could help therapeutic of throat irritation and of issues within the thyroid glands. It may be useful to assist weight reduction as it’s mentioned to behave as a diuretic.

In a common means its motion is balancing to the bodily physique, and it’s pretty to carry in your fingers to assist therapeutic. Angelite has a really calming and
comforting motion, that can assist to help emotional therapeutic
associated to grief.

It will help you to let go of any guilt it’s possible you’ll really feel associated to the passing of the particular person.

This is commonly an issue particularly if their demise was sudden or if there have been phrases left unstated. Its vitality creates deep interior peace which can assist to enhance how you’re feeling.

As this stones vitality is soothing to the feelings, hold a bit of this stone on you, particularly in case you are feeling emotionally troubled or out of kinds, as utilizing it is likely one of the strategies to alleviate stress.

Other ways in which this stone could help your therapeutic consists of:

It has an motion to
assist therapeutic of well being issues associated to the bones, and is alleged to assist to dissolve calcification inside the joints. It is alleged to
provide you with a better vary of movement within the joints, and can be recognized to
be useful when utilized to the toes.It could unblock meridians the place
required for therapeutic.
It can also assist the therapeutic of damaged bones, in addition to aiding osteoporosis and arthritis.

How Will It Help You?

Using a crystal pendulum made from any kind of stone may be useful. Using an Angelite pendulum lets you join extra shortly to the upper realms and should acquire the assistance of beings in these realms.

The motion of this pretty blue crystal inside the throat chakra, is
highly effective to reinforce communication of many varieties, together with with angels
and your spirit guides.

Its vibration could assist your speech to be
extra mild and sweeter and calmer, and it could actually take the chunk out of your
phrases when you’re feeling out of kinds.

Make Contact With Angelic Beings

This blue crystal is effectively generally known as a robust communication stone. But
moderately than having a stimulating impact its vitality could be very soothing and
calming on the throat chakra.

If you haven’t beforehand labored together with your spirit information, these pretty crystals can also allow you to to contact your spirit information.

It can also allow you to to recollect and interpret your goals, and it’s
additionally a really helpful stone to assist you to stay conscious whereas dreaming, or
what is named having a lucid dream.


Place a Blue Angelite Stone beneath
your pillow or shut by, to assist your sleep to be extra peaceable. This
permits you to purchase data and instructions about your life from
these within the spirit realm.

The vitality of those pretty stones are useful to heal your life, and can allow you to to really feel calmer and to launch stress.

motion to help your communication to be calmer and fewer fraught, is
additionally a really helpful cause to maintain these stones in your physique.

you want to make contact with beings within the increased realms, utilizing this
stone could allow you to to obtain the loving steerage of the angels and of
your spirit guides.

Wearing Angelite

By maintaining this stone on you when you must cope with individuals who you discover tough, it’s possible you’ll discover that your phrases are tempered.

You could discover that you could be be Divinely impressed to say phrases that may take the warmth out of in any other case problematical events.

It is simple to purchase Angelite,
and in case you are coping with anybody to whom you’re feeling any anger or
damaging emotions in the direction of, it might profit you to maintain a bit of this
stone on you.

It helps your communication to be clearer and it might help diplomacy when required.

Angelite BraceletAngelite Bracelet

Wearing Angelite jewellery in your physique, could allow you to to really feel calmer when you’re speaking with them.

It is on the zodiac birthstone checklist as it’s a birthstone for Aquarians, however it might be utilized by anybody from any zodiac signal.

The vibration of this stone can also help you to really feel extra compassionate in the direction of others, particularly tough folks.

This vitality may be useful in case you have an ongoing relationship with anybody you’re feeling angst in the direction of, whether or not your emotions are justified or not.

How To Use It

Like most crystals it’s possible you’ll select to make use of this blue crystal in meditation. There are an a variety of benefits to utilizing it for this goal

In specific it would help you to make contact with the angelic kingdom both immediately or although your spirit guides.

Using an Angelite crystal cranium could improve your skill to speak with the upper realms and together with your guides.

You could discover that the distinctive properties of crystal skulls could profit you in quite a lot of methods.

Once you start to work together with your crystal cranium, you’ll make a really particular connection, notably throughout a crystal cranium meditation.

You could discover, like I did, that the vitality of your crystal cranium, will assist to make connections with Spirit and beings within the increased realms, in addition to serving to you in quite a lot of different methods.

It will resonate strongly inside the increased chakras, however it might be mandatory so that you can use it for a short while, getting deeper and deeper every time till you discover that you simply make contact with angelic beings.

AngeliteAngelite Egg

The motion of Angelite crystals to help you to contact the angels
is thought to assist you to launch any blocks to your religious progress.

contact with the angelic kingdom can also help you to really feel extra empathy
with others and a better compassion when required.

This is an efficient
vitality to make use of in case your work entails contact with anybody who’s in want of
emotional therapeutic.

You could select to make use of this crystal at any
chakra, but it surely has a robust resonance inside the increased chakras, as effectively
as inside the sacral or navel chakra. Use it there to assist emotional
therapeutic, particularly associated to issues in your private relationships.

Who Should Use It?

It is a good suggestion to maintain one in every of these blue stones inside your auric subject as its vibration can be good for stress and nervousness, and it feels pretty to carry in your hand.

Wearing this stone is a delight, because it has a joyous vitality that can help you to really feel happier, calmer and extra peaceable.


If you’re having hassle coping with somebody, or one thing that’s
taking place in your life, this stone’s vitality could allow you to to simply accept the
state of affairs.

It helps to alleviate any guilt related to what is occurring.

you discover you say an excessive amount of now and again, having a bit of this stone on
you may allow you to to say much less. It aids you to restrict what you say, and to
know when and whether it is useful to take action.

“An angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man, by strengthening the power of vision.” St Thomas Aquinas.

Combining It With Other Stones

The pretty Blue Celestite crystals, which can be so carefully associated to it would increase its vitality, and this is a wonderful mixture.

If you want to use the robust motion that this crystal has to assist you to make a reference to angelic beings, it might be useful to mix it with different robust stones to assist you with connecting with angels.

There are quite a lot of very well-known stones that you could be select to make use of it with. Combine it with Seraphinite or Prehnite crystals, that are highly effective used with this stone, to assist your connection to the best order of angels.

Stones that can assist to raise you to the upper realms, to work with angelic beings are nice mixed with this crystal.

that work effectively for this goal embrace Angel Phantom Quartz, Aragonite
Star Clusters, Ajoite, Elestial Quartz, Pollucite, Bustamite
and Petalite.

Use it with sacral chakra stones to assist relationship points. If you’re feeling confused, mix it with different robust stones for stress aid, akin to Petalite, Lithium Quartz, Lilac Lepidolite, Scolecite or Amblygonite.

Combine it with different stones to spice up your telepathic presents if you happen to want to develop these presents. You could select to mix it with stones akin to Dream Quartz, Faden Quartz, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Apatite, Natrolite, Herkimer Diamonds, Labradorite, Cats Eye Chrysoberyl and Blue Calcite.

Cats Eye ChrysoberylCats Eye Chrysoberyl

Faden QuartzFaden Quartz

Blue ChalcedonyBlue Chalcedony

More photos of Angelite

AngeliteRaw Angelite

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