Using Crystals To Stimulate Kundalini Awakening


Want To Learn About How It Aids Enlightenment?

Written By Liz Oakes

Kundalini awakening entails the kundalini power shifting up the backbone from base to crown, and is related to the concept of ‘enlightenment’.

It has been written about in literature for a very long time. The course of revolves across the idea that you’ve got a kundalini serpent, that’s mentioned to reside on the base of your backbone.


The kundalini power is related to the Serpent that’s mentioned to dwell there on the base of the backbone, wrapped three and a half instances across the sacrum, till it’s roused.

When this serpent rises up and makes its approach to the crown, you’re mentioned to be enlightened.

Be conscious that many individuals have well being points from the awakening of their kundalini, so just be sure you educate your self nicely earlier than purposely doing any processes to make this occur.

How To Awaken Kundalini

Individuals differ, and though kundalini awakening might typically occur spontaneously, it might take years of doing sure religious practices.

Some of those are very particular, in-depth practices, and by utilizing particular crystals on the identical time it’s attainable to assist the method to awaken the kundalini serpent.

If you want to make use of crystals to do that, the most effective stones to make use of is Serpentine Stone. Using these crystals as a part of the method could be very helpful, as they’re recognized to alleviate a few of the attainable discomfort that it’s attainable to really feel.

Using Serpentine lets you clear the chakras because the motion happens.

If you’re feeling you need to take part in these practices please guarantee
that you simply take recommendation from extraordinarily educated specialists, as some
folks have been recognized to have dangerous unintended effects from doing this.

Kundalini Activation Awakening Your Serpent Power

Kundalini awakening is expounded to ‘enlightenment’, and there are numerous books that cowl this entire course of in nice element.

It is vital that you simply educate your self if you’ll do that, as there may be much more to the method than is printed right here.

Before trying to do that, it is vitally vital to learn all the data that you’ll find on Kundalini awakening, as there are recognized to be unintended effects when you drive the method to occur, when you’re probably not prepared for its results.

The expertise of kundalini awakening pertains to the Kundalini power shifting from the bottom of the backbone beginning on the base chakra and shifting up through the middle of the backbone.

This power makes its means as much as the crown chakra the place it emerges, and might be like an infinite snake hovering over your head.

The power of the method will trigger the opening of the channel because it strikes by it, and it’s recognized to clear every chakra because it goes, till it reaches the top on the crown.

The depth of this expertise typically stimulates sexual emotions because it opens new areas to create ‘enlightenment’.

This motion might occur fairly spontaneously in some folks, however in most others it’s the finish results of explicit processes.

If you need to mix crystals, with anything that you could be do
as a part of the method, utilizing Serpentine and others from the checklist of
useful stones for this goal.

Used as a part of this activation,
these crystals will assist to alleviate a part of the seemingly discomfort that
is felt by many individuals who endure this religious course of. 

This is as a result of the vibration of those stones will assist you to clear the chakras as the method happens.

My Experience … Arousing My Kundalini Serpent

I didn’t have dangerous unintended effects after I had a private expertise of kundalini awakening.  It occurred spontaneously to me a number of years in the past, whereas I used to be collaborating in a gaggle doing a shamanic ceremony. 

I had been utilizing a spread of various crystals previous to this occurring, however I’m not sure if this was associated to what occurred.

I’m strongly clairaudient, and because the wonderful kundalini serpent emerged he twisted his head and neck round and checked out me, after which spoke straight into my thoughts, and mentioned “I am Kundalini”.

The phrases thundered by me, so I had little question of what was occurring.


Having this huge serpent (extra like a dragon or a sort of lizard) hovering over my head was very freaky, I can let you know, though it disappeared fairly rapidly afterwards.

Except for sturdy fatigue I used to be lucky that I didn’t have unintended effects from this sudden expertise.

Yet it was nonetheless fairly scary when it occurred unexpectedly, as I knew nothing about it earlier than this. Yet no matter how and why it occurred, it was the start of the subsequent stage of my religious journey.

Kundalini awakening is claimed to convey enlightenment, however what’s this idea “enlightenment”?

I consider that enlightenment is an instantaneous and sometimes startling discovery of your individual understanding of your religious journey, and self-worth and perception on this discovery. With most individuals you’ll perceive when you uncover it for your self.

Have An Awareness Of Possible Side Effects

Larimar crystals such to the one proven within the picture right here, are useful stones you probably have unintended effects associated to this awakening, as their power is calming and soothing.

If you want to activate your kundalini power, it is vitally vital that you’re clear about why you want to do that, and that you’re particular about having a deep consciousness of attainable unintended effects.

Educate your self if you’ll do that, as there may be much more to be taught than the data outlined above. Kundalini awakening is related to the concept of ‘enlightenment’.

Although which will sound thrilling, please meditate on this primary, so you’re certain that you’re prepared for it to happen.

If it occurs spontaneously then clearly that is the plan that your
greater self and spirit has for you. Once you may have woke up the kundalini
serpent on the base of your backbone, it’s possible you’ll discover that your life modifications

How To Achieve Kundalini Awakening

This is just like some crystal therapeutic strategies. Placing particular stones at every chakra is understood to create the required power modifications to begin the kundalini awakening course of.

This is simpler to do with the assistance of another person and will probably be extra profitable too.

Growth Interference QuartzGrowth Interference Quartz

While totally different folks use the stones in numerous methods, utilizing them in a physique structure is a fairly straightforward and efficient methodology. You will probably be laying stones on the physique when you use this methodology.

If you will get stones which might be flat on one aspect they may make higher contact, and they’re simpler to maintain in place. The power of the kundalini strikes up the backbone, from the bottom chakra till it emerges on the crown chakra.

Place a chunk of Serpentine or Atlantasite on the base or root chakra,
the place the kundalini sits after which one other on the crown chakra to attract
the kundalini up the backbone.

As talked about earlier, when you use Serpentine stone or Atlantasite, which is Stichtite in Serpentine, this may occasionally assuage a few of the attainable discomfort that it’s attainable to expertise.

So Atlantasite could be the most effective stones to make use of for this goal. These two stones are mentioned to be the most secure stones to assist you, if you wish to activate the Kundalini.

If you will get flat stones that sit flat on the pores and skin this can assist you to maintain them in place. You might select so as to add different stones at every chakra
to assist the rise of the power.

You might mix them with any of the
different stones on the above checklist if you want, so take a look at the checklist and see
which of them you have already got.

Your helper might have one other stone, and stroke it alongside the backbone from
backside to prime to assist the rise of the kundalini. Having different kundalini
stones in touch with the physique could also be a bonus although not

TripliteTriplite aka Vayrynenite

Place the upper vibration stones, such because the excessive crystal power stones Moldavite, Fulgurite, Cryolite or Brookite at each the third eye and the crown chakra.

In plenty of folks these experiences are reported to be fairly difficult, and it’s recognized that some really feel this serpent energy to be like a scorching flame because it makes its means up.

Note: It has been recognized to be harmful in some instances so please make sure that you clearly educate your self on the attainable risks earlier than you begin.

Which Stones to Use For Kundalini Awakening

Both Moldavite and Shiva Lingam stone is understood to create transformation, so could also be highly effective aids on this course of. There could also be different stones apart from those beneath which will assist the method of kundalini awakening.

AtlantasiteAtlantasite is Green Serpentine with Purple Stichtite

The ones on this desk are both stones that I’ve personally skilled or ones which might be well-known that can assist you for this goal.

Most folks really feel a robust degree of fatigue afterwards, and this may occasionally final for some days.

If you awaken your kundalini, it’s possible you’ll expertise a variety of various impacts, so please learn up on these so you’re calm if these happen. Different folks react in several methods so please take care.

High vibration stones that activate the kundalini…

Tibetan TektiteTibetan Tektite

More stones that assist kundalini activation…

Nebula StoneNebula Stone

Jet StoneJet Stone

Red SpinelRed Spinel

Fire OpalFire Opal

AntigoriteAntigorite aka Williamsite

Kundalini QuartzKundalini Quartz


Snakeskin AgateSnakeskin Agate

Purple SapphirePurple Sapphire

Almandine GarnetAlmandine Garnet

Tiger IronTiger Iron

Dragon StoneDragon Stone

Kundalini AwakeningKundalini Awakening

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