When Our Daughter Walked in on Us


One sunny Sunday morning, my husband and I have been in mattress, proper in the midst of issues, when he shouted and pulled the comforter over us. But it was too late: We’d been caught.

We don’t often do it on prime of the covers. My toes get chilly and I prefer to really feel all snuggled up. And the canine sleeps in our room and I don’t like him to see, so we often keep below the sheets. But not that morning. That morning, my husband was feeling groovy.

Maybe as a result of it was a Sunday and nobody needed to get Korean martial arts or soccer apply and even down the road for a guitar lesson. Maybe it was as a result of we didn’t have to satisfy the tree trimmers for an estimate on how one can save our birch tree that was dying due to the drought or let within the electrician to repair the damaged kitchen gentle or take our daughter to pressing take care of her swollen tonsils (that may be the next weekend).

So when my husband pulled me over and kissed me sweetly on the lips, and since I’m 49 and sweaty — at all times so sweaty! — I kicked off the covers (the canine was nonetheless asleep).

We have been having a good time till abruptly my husband shouted and threw his arm behind me to seize for the covers. I didn’t know what occurred till he stated, “She saw us.”

“What?’ I said. “Who?!”

“What do you mean, who?” he requested. “Our 13-year-old daughter, the only daughter currently residing in this house. She walked in and I saw her and believe me, she saw us.”

“No,” I screamed. “No! No! No! No! No!”

“Yes,” he stated. “You’d better go talk to her.”

My thoughts frantically reviewed all potential choices. “Let’s pretend this never happened,” I stated to my husband. “I won’t say anything and you won’t say anything and she definitely won’t say anything — ”

“No,” he stated. “You have to go talk to her.”

Why couldn’t he speak to her? But I knew why. She was in all probability dying of embarrassment and would by no means wish to focus on this together with her dad.

I’d been a sexuality educator for Planned Parenthood in school. I had a grasp’s diploma in public well being from Columbia. I’d had The Talk with my children many instances over time. I might face my very own daughter. It was no massive deal. Sex is wholesome and regular. Sex is a stupendous factor, particularly between middle-aged married individuals.

I might clarify what she’d seen. I simply wished it might have been missionary; it will have been a lot simpler. But wonderful, I might do it.

“No problem,” I stated. “I’ll be right back.”

“Oh, and by the way,” my husband added, “it was bad. I mean you might have been whispering some stuff when she walked in and you don’t whisper very quietly and — ”

“Shut up!” I stated. “I get it!”

I went to speak to my daughter, however she was within the rest room. I knocked on the door.

“I’m in the bathroom,” she stated.

“I can see that,” I answered. “I want to talk to you.”

“Can we discuss this please?” I requested.

“No thanks,” she stated. “I have no questions. I will never enter your room again without announcing my presence.”

I went again to my bed room.

“Well?” my husband requested. I informed him it went rather well.

Later, I heard the clang of dishes and footsteps within the kitchen. I went to have a face-to-face with my daughter.

“Honey,” I began to say, however she lower me off.

“We don’t need to talk about it, Mom.” She poured herself some cereal. “Daaad,” she known as, “It’s O.K. You can come out now. I’m not scarred for life or anything.”

I believed in regards to the time, many years in the past, once I walked in on my dad and mom. My household was visiting my brother in his one-bedroom residence in Atlanta. My brother let our dad and mom keep in his room, and he and I have been sleeping in the lounge. The solely rest room within the residence was by way of the bed room. I obtained up late at night time and went to the lavatory. When I got here out, my dad and mom have been getting romantic.

What was I alleged to do? I flung myself throughout the bed room to the security of the lounge. My brother was quick asleep on the sofa. I used to be in school by then and I discovered the entire thing gross and unsettling.

With my three youngsters, we speak quite a bit about courting, relationships and the way a long-term partnership lasts — we all know that intercourse in a wedding is one thing to have a good time. But privately.

The day my husband and I have been caught glided by like every other day. My daughter walked the canine. My son went to a pal’s home. My oldest known as from school to say she wanted a microwave. We managed to lift three youngsters and had by no means been busted. Until that morning. And if not for perimenopause, a minimum of we might have been below the covers like regular dad and mom.

But I believed my daughter’s assurance that she was not scarred for all times. She appeared unfazed by the entire thing. She turned down my supply to debate The Incident, however once I informed her I used to be writing about it, she learn the essay and supplied her personal edits. I stated, “Who are you? My daughter or my editor?” She simply patted me on the arm and stated, “It’s going to be O.K., Mom.”

Bottom line: She dealt with the entire thing method higher than I did.

“I should have knocked,” she stated. My husband nodded and stated, “I guess you should have knocked.”

Next time, I guess she’s going to.

Robin Finn is the founding father of the L.A.-based writing course Heart. Soul. Pen., and is engaged on a memoir.



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