White Azeztulite® Meaning & Use: Use For Making Connections


For Making Connections

Written By Liz Oakes

Azeztulite® is a white number of quartz. It has a fairly attention-grabbing vibration, and it’s mentioned to be connecting those that use it to beings in different dimensions.

This white stone has been named after a gaggle of interdimensional beings known as ‘the Azez’, that had been mentioned to have made a reference to those that named this stone.


The individuals who found this stone mentioned they made contact with
these beings and introduced details about it to the eye of the

It is alleged to have an uncommon vibration, believed to be
attributable to the adjustments made to the stone, by these beings of
extra-terrestrial origin, and many individuals discover its negative effects slightly
disagreeable at first.

Where Does White Azeztulite® Come From?

This crystal is a sort of white or opaque quartz has been present in North Carolina and additionally it is mentioned to be the identical stone as a white quartz discovered Vermont within the USA, and there now appears to be new coloured varieties.

My White Azeztulite® quartz that has been in my possession for about eight years or extra, may be very gentle and brilliant and a few of my white stones are extra translucent than others.

If you have a look at the images of those stones, you will notice that a few of the stones appear to be nearly shiny.

History of Azeztulite®

This crystal’s identify was the creation of the author of various crystal books, and the historical past of the Azeztulite® stone is attention-grabbing.

The story of this stone comes from a ebook on crystals known as ‘The Book of Stones’. This ebook was written by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

This ebook tells us that again in 1991 Robert Simmons had a name from Naisha Ahsian whom he didn’t know effectively then, asking him to make a bit of knickknack for her.

White AzeztuliteWhite Azeztulite

One of the stones within the piece was the White Azeztulite® stone. He had not heard of the stone, however after looking out extensively, a field of stones got here within the mail, from a stone collector, which turned out to be the stone they had been in search of.

The data on this stone had been channeled to Naisha. It is alleged that it got here from beings known as the Azez, in a direct telepathic hyperlink.

The Azez informed her that they’d altered some particular quartz crystals on this planet, to behave as a communication machine for them, for inter-dimensional journey.

Later extra data got here by on these stones and their objective, by the spirit information Radha. Azeztulite is shifting to the next degree of functioning, because the vibrations on our planet are step by step growing.

Exquisite Crystals

They mentioned that individuals who put on or carry the stone, Azeztulite, are extra possible to have the ability to transfer to, or obtain the next state extra quickly and simply. 

The identify Azez means ‘Nameless Light’, and the embodiment of this gentle is the Great Central Sun, and this stone is alleged to hold the manifest vitality of the Great Central Sun.

They mentioned that the aim of the stone was to anchor this gentle onto our planet, to assist carry many adjustments to the planet. This would make this a really highly effective stone for Light employees.

How To Use It

I’ve a number of items, and so they have totally different vibrations, however the stone pictured right here appears to have made a reference to me.

I’ve been informed by others, with data on this stone, that every White Azeztulite® stone connects to your particular vitality, and shops some type of direct connection to you personally.

White Azeztulite® stone

I’ve had this piece for a number of years, and now this piece appears to be altering, changing into clearer.

It is a stone that extra individuals have turn into excited about utilizing, maybe it’s in response to adjustments taking place within the vibration of the world.

This stone has the flexibility to elevate your religious progress fairly rapidly, when you resolve you’ll work with its exacting vitality.

It creates a state of no thoughts, the place you discover you’re elsewhere altogether for a while.

Please observe I’ve used the registered image ® after the stone’s identify because the identify is owned by Robert Simmons and he insists on it!

Why Would You Use It?

This white stone is a number of quartz crystal. After you’ve gotten learn its historical past, you turn into conscious of the potential of this stone.  As anticipated, its vibration is far stronger than regular quartz.

It is alleged to not want cleaning like regular quartz, because it doesn’t
take in negativity, however personally I deal with it like all my quartz and
commonly cleanse it, as you will need to cleanse your entire crystals

White Azeztulite

Why Would You Use Azeztulite?

Azeztulite® has a vibration that’s highly effective throughout the third eye, and
most individuals can really feel it when it’s used at this level.
Many individuals have
discovered they see glimpses of the long run, spontaneously, when it’s used at
the third eye. Its vibration then goes up into the upper chakras, to the crown chakra and into the soul star chakra and better transpersonal chakras.This motion of vitality is sort of a surge of electrical energy by the physique and might be felt very clearly.
The vitality of this stone is kind of sturdy, and it’s mentioned to have the ability to stimulate the kundalini to stand up the backbone. Awakening the kundalini is usually a sturdy religious expertise, so remember that this stone is thought to have potent talents to stimulate your vitality facilities.

Wearing White Azeztulite®

Crystal jewellery made utilizing a mixture of various excessive vibration stones with sturdy crystal vitality is a robust manner for gentle employees to advance their religious improvement extra rapidly.

Azeztulite® mixed in jewellery with Danburite, Moldavite, Phenacite and Tanzanite is likely one of the beneficial methods to mix its vitality.

It is highly effective to make use of this kind of crystal together with any of the excessive vibration stones, and the way you select to make use of it depends upon private alternative.

You might acquire vials to carry tiny crystals so chances are you’ll put on them, and alter them as your wants require.

When you start to put on it, chances are you’ll discover that it’s essential to combine it slowly into your private vitality area, or some discomfort might consequence.

Like integrating Moldavite, it’s best performed slowly. This might rely in your particular response to the stones, so it’s one thing every of chances are you’ll must work out for your self.

Who Should Use It?

Many individuals who use it are infused with a tremendous sense of deep pleasure, serenity and peace.

I discover that almost all quartz is pretty straightforward to really feel, and if you cannot really feel it, it could merely imply that they haven’t but realized the best way to really feel the vitality.

If you’ll be able to use a white or clear quartz crystal, you’ll make main leaps in your private and religious progress.

I consider our earth wants these stones for use to floor extra gentle onto the planet, to assist it to traverse the most important adjustments that each one of us can see taking place every day.

White Azeztulite

I do know of a few individuals who have held certainly one of these white quartz
crystals and felt nothing. There may very well be a wide range of causes for this.

There is a few controversy about this stone, and the actions of those that named it. It has been mentioned in depth by many individuals, so there isn’t any level in me going into this as I desire to assume positively.

White Azeztulite® Quartz Crystal has now turn into fairly well-known, it’s best to be capable to discover it fairly simply.

Some individuals don’t really feel its vibration in any respect, and like many sorts of white quartz, they will range in depth.

“To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would limit the human spirit.” Stephen Hawking.

Combining It With Other Stones

It does mix effectively with excessive crystal vitality stones, together with different varieties of quartz comparable to Herkimer Diamonds, Hollandite Quartz, Nirvana Quartz, Aurora Quartz  additionally known as Anandalite.

Using it with a few of the excessive vibration stones is a robust approach to make the most of this vitality.

You may mix it with excessive vibration stones comparable to Scolecite, Tanzanite, Moldavite, Celestite,  Danburite, Herderite, Clear Apophyllite, Kyanite, Cryolite or Libyan Desert Glass… often known as Libyan Gold Tektite

This is a dynamic stone to put on, and additionally it is highly effective to make use of for therapeutic. Many varieties of white and clear quartz crystals are additionally fairly highly effective for therapeutic, identical to this pretty stone.

High crystal vitality stones mixed on a Selenite wand, are highly effective instruments.

By combining excessive vibration stones this manner, you’ll be able to use all of them on the similar time simply and effectively. The vitality of any stones which have a excessive crystal vibration are highly effective for therapeutic.

Another manner to make use of this stone, which may be very highly effective is to take a seat with it in your each day meditation with crystals. 

Start by first utilizing it by itself, and get used to the vitality of this stone, and this will take a while.

During meditation chances are you’ll mix it with Amphibole Quartz, Nirvana Quartz, Creedite, Lithium in quartz, Axinite, Datolite or with the beautiful Green Seraphinite.

This mixture might help you to make contact with the Divine Feminine vitality and with the angelic realm.

Using these excessive vibration stones with Blizzard Stone often known as Gabro, helps to make you are feeling extra steady and grounded if you end up working within the greater realms.

Used in meditation it may be mixed with different stones, and the mixed vitality can be extra highly effective. It is certainly one of many stones that’s mentioned to assist ascension.

Once you’re accustomed to this stones vitality, mix it with a wide range of different crystals, significantly the excessive vibration stones.

You will discover that they are going to enhance your means to create the best and greatest consequence, in your total bodily, emotional and religious well-being.


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