White Meat vs. Red Meat and Cholesterol Levels


Many folks select chicken over purple within the perception that chicken is much less prone to result in excessive levels of cholesterol. But with regards to ldl cholesterol, there could also be little distinction between the 2.

A brand new examine, within the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, randomized 113 wholesome adults, aged 21 to 65, to one in every of two weight loss plan applications. The first consumed a high-saturated-fat weight loss plan with 25 % of power coming from protein in three totally different sources for 4 weeks every: purple meat, chicken and nonmeat (greens and a few dairy merchandise). The second did the identical three-part program whereas on a low-saturated-fat weight loss plan.

As anticipated, the high-saturated-fat diets resulted in greater LDL (or “bad” ldl cholesterol) than the low-saturated-fat diets. And each of the meat diets resulted in greater ranges of LDL and whole ldl cholesterol than the vegetable-based diets.

But in both high- or low-saturated-fat applications, purple meat and chicken resulted in the identical ranges of LDL and whole ldl cholesterol. There was no profit in sticking to chicken.

“The study is most relevant to people trying to lower LDL,” stated the senior writer, Ronald M. Krauss, a senior scientist at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute. “It doesn’t speak to the health effects of red and white meat, which are more complicated than just the effect on LDL.”



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